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Can non-U.S. equities overcome a strong U.S. dollar?

Steve Caruthers & Steven Sperry (Capital Group) | There’s no denying that the relentless rise of the U.S. dollar has been challenging for investors in non-U.S. equities. The currency translation effect (that is, losses and gains resulting from the conversion of non-U.S. investment returns into U.S. dollars) has dented global equity portfolio results. There are two ways currency movements can affect investors. In addition to translation effects at the portfolio…

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COP27 preview: regaining momentum

Matt Christensen (Allianz GI) | The COP27 climate summit takes place in Egypt in November, providing a check-in on global progress towards net zero in a year dominated by economic and geopolitical pressures. There are reasons to be optimistic. • The focus of this year’s COP27 is on “delivery” after an eventful year that has also revealed the flaws in our existing energy mix• The financial sector will be in…