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Government to request extra €94 billion of European funds today

Today’s Council of Ministers is expected to approve the addendum to the extension of the Recovery Plan, with which Spain will ask Brussels for an additional €94 billion from the Next Generation programme, including soft loans and non-refundable aid. Initially, the European Union assigned Spain direct transfers of €69.5 billion from the Recovery Mechanism, to be unblocked through compliance with the investments and reforms agreed in the Plan, as well…

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Airbus reportedly favourite (over Boeing) to win IndiGo’s 500 A320 aircraft order

Banc Sabadell | According to Reuters, Airbus (AIR) is reportedly the favourite (over Boeing) to win IndiGo’s 500 A320 aircraft order, making it the industry’s largest order by volume (versus one for 470 aircraft placed by Air India a few months ago). On the other hand, both Airbus and Boeing are reportedly also competing to sell 25 aircraft (AIR’s A330neo or Boeing’s 787) to the same airline. No statement has…

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US labour market maintains strength: non-farm job creation reaches 339K

Bankinter : US non-farm job creation again beats forecasts: 339K vs 195K estimated and 294K previous (revised from 253K). The unemployment rate rebounds to 3.7% versus 3.5% estimated and 3.4% previous (a historical low). Average wages/hour decelerate (year-on-year) to +4.3% versus +4.4% estimated and previous. Assessment: Despite mixed signals from labour market figures, the labour market remains strong. The unemployment rate increased by three tenths and the number of unemployed…

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“Even small entities can now have systemic consequences”

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | “Even small entities can now have systemic consequences” says Margaret Franklin, presidente and CEO of the CFA Institute. In the English-speaking world, the acronym ‘CFA’ is often the first step towards serious entry into the financial sector. CFA’ stands for ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’, a qualification held by some 200,000 people worldwide and obtained through an examination administered by the CFA Institute. The CFA, chaired by Margaret…

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Veronik Grimm

Veronika Grimm: “the high costs of fossil energies represent a stimulus to accelerate the transformation towards renewable energies”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | Veronika Grimm (Rendsburg, Germany, 1971) sits on the German Federal Government’s Advisory Council of Economists, which analyses the country’s economic development on the basis of scientific criteria and publishes a report every autumn in which it expresses its analyses and forecasts. Following its opinion, the government in turn responds to the council’s recommendations. Now, Grimm predicts that the economy of the continent’s leading power will shrink…

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