Repsol's plan of acquisitions

Government to consider withdrawing windfall tax on energy companies

Banco Sabadell : According to the press, the vice-president for Ecological Transition (Teresa Ribera) said in a statement that it is necessary to see if energy companies continue to make these extraordinary profits and to take into account the large investments required for the energy transition, in the context of the application of the current windfall tax on these companies. These statements come after the European Commission declared last week…

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Airbus 320

Airbus aircraft deliveries up to 623 so far this year, 13% more than in 2022, 113 new orders

Banc Sabadell | Airbus (AIR) reported 64 aircraft deliveries during November (against 68 in November 2022 and 71 in October 2023) bringing the total in 2023 to 623 (against 550 in November 2022; up 13%). On the other hand, a total of 113 new orders and 52 cancellations were recorded during the month. Considering cancellations for the year as a whole, net orders until November 2023 stand at 1,395 (against…

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petroleo rusiaCM

Saudi Arabia warns OPEC+ cuts could extend beyond March

BancaMarch: Saudi Arabia’s energy minister has emphatically warned that the cuts imposed by OPEC+ on oil production could extend beyond March. Five days ago, news came out of the agreement reached by member countries on 30 November to reduce supply by 2.2 million barrels per day, with a deadline of March 2024. Saudi Arabia, which is concentrating the greatest efforts to contain supply, has accumulated almost half of the cuts…

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“In banking funds, there are sales targets and conflicts of interest”

Fernando Rodríguez| “The big picture of Indexa is that we aspire to be the leading independent asset manager in Europe” says Ramón Blanco, founder and director of Indexa Capital Group Q- What is the equity story or investor proposition of Indexa’s shares?A- What is listed is Indexa Capital Group, and underneath it hang three operating companies: Indexa Capital – a broker-dealer, the French insurance broker Indexa Courrier d’assurance and the…

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“How many mobile operators are there in the United States? Three. How many are there in Europe? We are almost in triple digits”

According to Jordi Gual, director of Telefónica Brazil and chairman of VidaCaixa, the biggest problem of the single European market is precisely that, “we still don’t have a single market. Neither in banking, nor in energy, nor in telecommunications… Nor have we created a single risk-free European asset, which is fundamental in the financial markets”. In the next issue of Consejeros, the former chairman of Caixabank gives his forecast for…

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