Europe: Bad Decisions And Lack Of Skill Explain The Rise In Electricity Prices

Clemente Polo | It is not the ‘markets’ but rather political decisions and a lack of skill in playing the game of market diplomacy that are behind the sharp rise in electricity prices in Spain. Neither EU institutions nor European governments, including Spain’s, have found the right formula to improve the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without endangering the welfare of several hundred million citizens. Most member states are highly…

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Ifo Institute: Domestic Violence Rises in the Pandemic

Cases of domestic violence in London rose sharply during the coronavirus lockdown of March 2020. This is suggested by an index, newly calculated by the ifo Institute, based on searches for certain terms on the internet. “This index shows an increase in cases of domestic violence that is seven times higher than that recorded by police statistics,” says Helmut Rainer, Director of the ifo Center for Labor and Demographic Economics….

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Novak Djokovic 1

Djokovic Case Highlights Australia’s “Shameful” Refugee Policies

Amnesty International | Commenting on the court ruling on tennis star Novak Djokovic’s appeal against the Australian government’s decision to cancel his visa, Graham Thom, Amnesty International Australia’s refugee adviser, said: “Djokovic has glimpsed for a moment what refugees have been experiencing for years because of the Australian government’s shameful policies on refugees. For example, Mehdi Ali, a 24-year-old Iranian held in the same hotel as Djokovic, the Park Hotel,…

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“ESG Standards Platform To Be Ready In 2022” Says IOSCO Secretary General

Fernando Rodríguez (Emisores) | Irishman Martin Moloney is the new Secretary General of IOSCO (International Organisation of Securities Commissions), which brings together 130 supervisory bodies of the world’s most important stock exchanges. The organisation has accelerated its work so that next year investors will have a global platform or baseline with which to operate safely in the variegated and confusing world of ESG products and standards. Q: IOSCO supports a…

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ramon adell

“Legal Uncertainty Is Lethal For Attracting Investment”

Ramón Adell is a board member of a large listed energy company, Naturgy, and several others. Right now, the Spanish business world is partly caught up in a wave of ICO loans and labour market measures such as ERTEs. Q: What effects do you think this bubble has had on the culture and management of companies in our country? A: There is still a certain anaesthesia in part of the…

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