The Bank of Spain warns that food prices will rise by an average of 12.2% this year

Bad news for Spanish families. Despite the fact that general inflation is set to moderate in the coming months, food prices will continue to give households’ pockets no respite. This is what the Bank of Spain warned on Wednesday during the presentation of its quarterly report on macroeconomic projections. The supervisor is confident that, despite the upturn in inflation in January and February, the general CPI will resume the deceleration…

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Banks (trading on 0.6x price-to-book-value ratio and 6x price-to-earnings ratio for 2023E) still expect record year in 2023

Dirk Becker (Allianz GI) | Credit Suisse has been seen as the weakest link in the global banking sector for several months, after various scandals and poor management decisions. We think the merger can therefore help to stabilise the global financial system: In our view, UBS are being paid for running down the risky parts of Credit Suisse, and they get to keep the highly profitable Swiss domestic unit in…

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Far from easing, UK CPI rebounds to +10.4% year-on-year from +10.1% previously, puts pressure on BoE

Bankinter : February’s CPI brings a surprise rebounding to +10.4% year-on-year from +10.1% foreseen vs +9.9% expected. Month-on-month is; +1.1% vs +0.6% expected and -0.6% foreseen. The core rate is also surprising, rebounding to +6.2% year-on-year from +5.8% previously and +5.7% foreseen. Month-on-month; +1.2% vs +0.8% expected and -0.9% previously. Analysis team’s view: Negative news. This month’s reading disappoints and, far from easing, as has been the case for the…

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Carlos Delclaux: “Europe has busied itself with giving lessons… but it has grown very fat with contentment”

Fernando Rodriguez: Interview with Carlos Delclaux, president of Vidrala and Vocento board member. “The EU has busied itself lecturing the whole world on renewable energies. But a project of this magnitude should have guaranteed supply, and an orderly transition process to ensure that along the way you don’t run out of industry or that citizens don’t suffer ‘energy poverty’… But Europe has grown too fat with contentment. And we are…

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“We are facing a change of era rather than a change of cycle”

Fernando González Urbaneja & Luis Martí | Agustín Carstens, Managing Director of the Bank for International Settlements, Basel (BIS), explains that “I think this is a change of era. While it is true that it may coincide with a change of cycle, I believe we are facing a change of era for several reasons. There are structural factors that helped us during the last few years, since before the global…

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