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PNV wins Basque elections and will be able govern with PSOE’s support

The PNV has won the elections in the Basque Country with 365,634 votes (35.2%) and 27 seats (four fewer than it had); the same 27 seats (six more than it had) won by EH Bildu, the heir of the ETA terrorists (who laid down their arms in 2011) and which obtained 32.5% of the votes. The Basque Parliament will therefore be the most sovereigntist in history, with 68% of the…

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Crédito y CauciónCrédito y Caución

Spain’s electricity cheapest in Europe, at €0 for half the hours in April

ASE Group | Until the 17th, the daily price of the Spanish wholesale market (POOL) in April stood at €5.40/MWh, the lowest since records have been kept for such a long period. Grupo ASE analysts highlight that in almost 50% of the hours the price has been zero or lower. In 84 hours (20.6% of the total) negative prices were recorded (between €0 and €-1/MWh) and the average price between…

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US and China continue to dominate global foreign direct investment flows

Global economyCapital Group| It seems that foreign investment patterns have yet to show a decisive successor to China. Globally, foreign direct investment (FDI) as a percentage of GDP peaked around the time of the financial crisis: investment in China stagnated slightly earlier, in the early 2000s, just after its accession to the World Trade Organisation and following rapid inflows into the manufacturing sector. In absolute terms, however, the United States…

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“Spain has a good energy plan but if things don’t change, it won’t be fulfilled”

José Bogas, ENDESAS’s CEO, explains in Consejeros magazine that “295,000 million of investment is needed for the period 2021-30, and we have many years ahead of us when when we are not investing at this pace. Of these 295,000 million, 118,000 million are for renewables; 85,000 for energy efficiency, but almost nothing has been done so far; 53,000 for networks, which is more than 5,000 every year and we have…

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“An electric car in Germany today emits more CO2 than a diesel or a petrol car. That’s the reality, because 50% of electricity is generated with coal”

The CEO of Repsol, Josu Jon Imáz, took part on June 22 in a debate organised by the newspaper El Correo, and took the opportunity to warn of the hypocrisy, inefficiency and paradoxes of European energy policy.For example, in Spain it is forbidden – by law – to explore for and produce natural gas “and at the same time we are encouraging companies to bring gas from the United States,…

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