Banco Santander office

Banco Santander now largest capitalised bank in EU with €76,121m, ahead of BNP

Alphavalue / Divacons | The Cantabrian bank managed to overtake BNP Paribas as the bank with the largest capitalisation in the European Union, with a value of some €76.121 billion. The milestone came about because BNP Paribas’ share price on Tuesday discounted the dividend it will pay in the near future. When shares are quoted ex-dividend, there is always a downward adjustment in their value. Santander’s capitalisation on Tuesday stood…

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Crédito y CauciónCrédito y Caución

ArcelorMittal among best positioned steelmakers in face of possible 10% reduction in steel plate production capacity in Europe

Morgan Stanley: Our analyst Alain Gabriel believes that steel plate production in Europe is set to fall by 10% in the short/medium term, due to increased financing pressure, decarbonisation policies and sanctions imposed on Russian imports. Returns for the sector in Europe have been lower (4.3% post-tax RoCE 2009-20) than expected over the last 10 years and Gabriel believes this has to do with a utilisation rate below potential. The…

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Banner CIR, junio 2022

Acciona Energia

Acciona Energía to work with Grupo Pais in new photovoltaic project Dominican Republic, with 51% stake

Link Securities | The company announced yesterday the development of a new photovoltaic project in the Dominican Republic, the Pedro Corto photovoltaic plant, in collaboration with Grupo Pais, according to Acciona Energía will have a 51% stake, while Grupo Pais will hold the remaining 49%. Located in the province of San Juan de la Maguana, the plant will have a nominal capacity of 63.35MW and its construction is linked…

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Isabel Dutilh

“European funds are not reaching companies. There is total inefficiency”

Isabel Dutilh, director of Elecnor, Banco Alcalá and Millenium Real State explains in an interview with Mari Pinardo in the magazine Consejeros that “Europe has to have control of the funds and this requires a certain amount of bureaucracy, but in the end it is so much bureaucracy that it generates frustration and people give up applying for them”. Q – There are continuous and constant legislative changes, what do…

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“In banking funds, there are sales targets and conflicts of interest”

Fernando Rodríguez| “The big picture of Indexa is that we aspire to be the leading independent asset manager in Europe” says Ramón Blanco, founder and director of Indexa Capital Group Q- What is the equity story or investor proposition of Indexa’s shares?A- What is listed is Indexa Capital Group, and underneath it hang three operating companies: Indexa Capital – a broker-dealer, the French insurance broker Indexa Courrier d’assurance and the…

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