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Spain’s actual manufacturing PMI reading marked sixth consecutive month of contraction in factory activity

Link Securities | The factory activity index, PMI manufacturing, for Spain, compiled by Markit, came in at 47.7 points in September, up from 46.5 points in August, which was also the reading expected by the analysts’ consensus. It should be recalled that a reading above 50 points indicates an expansion in activity compared with the previous month, while a reading below this level indicates a contraction in activity. Thus, the…

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European Commission recommends reducing fiscal stimulus to lower Fiscal Deficit by 2024

Bankinter: It is only a recommendation because fiscal policy is the competence of each member state, but it has consequences on inflation, monetary policy and bonds. The EC relaxed the Fiscal Deficit and Public Debt targets due to the CV19 pandemic (2020) and the Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 2022), but for months it has been insisting on the need to return to fiscal discipline in 2024. The key date…

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IMF considering increasing China’s voting rights to reflect its position in global economy

Banca March: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is considering increasing China’s voting rights to bring its share in the fund in line with its position in the global economy. Each country contributes a quota based on various factors reflecting economic positioning relative to the world economy. This quota designates the amount each country has to pay into the fund, as well as its voting rights. Currently, the Asian giant has…

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“An electric car in Germany today emits more CO2 than a diesel or a petrol car. That’s the reality, because 50% of electricity is generated with coal”

The CEO of Repsol, Josu Jon Imáz, took part on June 22 in a debate organised by the newspaper El Correo, and took the opportunity to warn of the hypocrisy, inefficiency and paradoxes of European energy policy.For example, in Spain it is forbidden – by law – to explore for and produce natural gas “and at the same time we are encouraging companies to bring gas from the United States,…

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“Even small entities can now have systemic consequences”

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | “Even small entities can now have systemic consequences” says Margaret Franklin, presidente and CEO of the CFA Institute. In the English-speaking world, the acronym ‘CFA’ is often the first step towards serious entry into the financial sector. CFA’ stands for ‘Chartered Financial Analyst’, a qualification held by some 200,000 people worldwide and obtained through an examination administered by the CFA Institute. The CFA, chaired by Margaret…

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