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Spanish imports of Russian gas up 54% in 2022

Natural gas imports from Algeria to Spain plummeted by 40% in 2022, with Algeria falling to second place among suppliers and representing 23.9% of Spain’s total. These figures, according to sources in the sector, will continue to fall during this year, 2023, as “orders placed during the first months of 2022 for natural gas, before relations between Moncloa and Algiers broke down, have yet to be deducted”. And if this…

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Crédito y CauciónCrédito y Caución
ECB night

ECB more hawkish: risk of over-tightening seems overshadowed by risk of doing too little

On Monday we once again had statements from ECB council members after last week’s appearances following last week’s meeting. There are few novelties, except for the reaffirmation of similar broad movements for March. According to Committee member Robert Holzmann, inflation must be actively combatted until the citizens of the Eurozone feel that price stability is part of their daily lives. Holzmann did make an interesting point in explaining that the…

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The positive spillover of China’s revenge outbound tourism

Alicia García Herrero (Natixis) | The grand comeback in Asia is taking shape, but there is one missing piece. Although China, the world’s largest international travel spender, is still on its recovery path, it will eventually return to global prominence. Before the COVID pandemic, Chinese tourists had become an integral part of the global tourism sector with their spending share rising from 8% in 2010 to 16% in 2019. The…

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Veronik Grimm

Veronika Grimm: “the high costs of fossil energies represent a stimulus to accelerate the transformation towards renewable energies”

Lidia Conde | Veronika Grimm (Rendsburg, Germany, 1971) sits on the German Federal Government’s Advisory Council of Economists, which analyses the country’s economic development on the basis of scientific criteria and publishes a report every autumn in which it expresses its analyses and forecasts. Following its opinion, the government in turn responds to the council’s recommendations. Now, Grimm predicts that the economy of the continent’s leading power will shrink by…

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“The defaults are not the tsunami that was expected, it is a tide that is slowly rising”

Explains Fernando Salazar, President of CESCE, the Spanish Export Credit Insurance Company, in an interview with Fernando Rodríguez. Q- How does a company like CESCE, which operates in many countries, view the geopolitical risk map? A- Geopolitics is currently setting the economic agenda, as the world is in great turmoil; there is no region, not even Europe, that is free. We see the rise of populism, parliamentary fragmentation, social instability,…

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