Vox breaks with PP and leaves government of five autonomous communities up in the air

Vox, the party led by Santiago Abascal, has carried out its threat: to stop supporting the five autonomous governments in which it participates (Valencia, Extremadura, Murcia, Aragon and Castile and Leon) if the PP accepted, as it has done, the distribution of 110 immigrant minors who will leave the Canary Islands to decongest that Autonomous Community on their way to those five Communities where 11 million citizens, according to Vox,…

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Crédito y CauciónCrédito y Caución

Only 19% of CAC 40 index is dependent on French economy

Matthieu de Clermont Head of Insurance and Regulatory Strategies (Allianz GI) | Amid a hung parliament, should investors hang around? While a hung parliament was expected, the second round of the French election still delivered a shock result: the far-right National Rally was pushed into third place in a result that triggers days if not weeks of negotiations between the parties to form a government. With the most seats, France’s…

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ArcelorMittal employees reject agreement and will continue strike

Morgan Stanley: According to Reuters, employees have rejected the agreement to end the strike at the Lázaro Cardenas plant, which has been in place since 24 May. Alain Gabriel (analyst) points out that the blockade is likely to have a significant impact on the North American division (the plant represents almost half of the division’s capacity). In this sense, an 80% utilisation would imply an annual production of up to…

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“Mercosur is perhaps an idea that people have fallen in love with and are keeping because everyone is too embarrassed to liquidate it”

Fernando Gónzález Urbaneja interviews José Juan Ruiz, president of the Real Instituto Elcano and director of Redeia, in Consejeros, who states that “The intellectual prestige of pessimism is one of the characteristic features of Western civilisation. But, to give an example: in terms of CO2 emissions, everything may be in chaos, people’s perception may be that we have done nothing, but the European reduction in emissions is 32% compared to…

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“Spain has a good energy plan but if things don’t change, it won’t be fulfilled”

José Bogas, ENDESAS’s CEO, explains in Consejeros magazine that “295,000 million of investment is needed for the period 2021-30, and we have many years ahead of us when when we are not investing at this pace. Of these 295,000 million, 118,000 million are for renewables; 85,000 for energy efficiency, but almost nothing has been done so far; 53,000 for networks, which is more than 5,000 every year and we have…

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