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Spaniards Start To Use Savings To Make Ends Meet

Spanish households placed their savings rate in the first quarter at -0.8% of their disposable income, thus registering their first negative rate since the first quarter of 2019. In the previous quarter, the household savings rate was 8.3%, the National Statistics Institute (INE) reported on Thursday. The fall in the household savings rate to -0.8% is due to the fact that they spent more than they earned. Thus, their disposable…

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Iberdrola commits to maintaining its €3.5 B investment in the UK despite new regulatory framework

Link Securities | Iberdrola has committed to maintaining its planned 3 billion pounds (some 3.5 billion euros) investment in the UK. This is despite the new regulatory framework proposed for network operators in the country which limits profits, according to a report in Expansion. The Spanish electricity company explained on Thursday that it plans to continue to drive energy transformation in the UK as part of its transition towards an…

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Safeguarding Supplies Of Raw Materials: Urgent Action Required For Nine Minerals (Cobalt, Boron, Silicon, Graphite, Magnesium, Lithium, Niobium, Rare Earths, Titanium)

IFO Institute | For many key technologies, such as battery technology, robotics, and renewables, Germany is dependent on imports of raw materials – often from individual supplier countries like China. “Urgent action is required to ensure that the supply chains for nine critical minerals – cobalt, boron, silicon, graphite, magnesium, lithium, niobium, rare earths, titanium – are crisis-proof. Additional sources of supply are needed to make the supply chains more…

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“The Rise In Inflation Is Largely Due To Speculation. The ECB Will Not Be Able To Stop It By Raising Rates”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | explains Marcel Fratzscher, president of the DIW (Berlin Institute for Economic Research) who headed the ECB’s International Economic Policy Analysis Department in 2008-2013. In an interview to be published in this month’s issue of Consejeros magazine, Fratzscher explains that “The ECB is habdicapped because it cannot tacle the problem by raising rates, neither this year nor the next”, which is why “I am not in favour…

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“Politics Would Have To Intervene Whenever The Market Transfers Wealth Creation Out Of Europe In A Disproportionate Way”

Lidia Conde | Sebastian Dullien is Director of the IMK Düsseldorf. Q: Germans have spent 200 billion euros less since the beginning of the epidemic. Will all this money flow into consumption? A: Not all of it, but a considerable part will be spent. Studies conducted by our institute show that Germans are not only planning to buy new consumer durables such as cars, furniture or houses, but also to…

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