In 2017 global sales of electric cars surpassed the 1-million-unit mark

Seat boss quits chairmanship of automobile employers’ association due to government’s lack of commitment to electric cars: “They are not up to the task”

Wayne Griffiths, president of Cupra and Seat, has resigned as president of the car manufacturers’ association (ANFAC). He was already on the verge of resigning at the end of last year and stayed on because he wanted to give President Sánchez another chance. The resignation presented this Thursday was communicated to the board of directors five minutes before the meeting began. A body that has endorsed his decision. “It is…

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EC finalises new tariffs on Chinese EV imports: taxes set to rise from 10% to around 25%

Norbolsa | The European Commission (EC) is finalising new tariffs on Chinese EV imports, following a lengthy investigation into state subsidies. Taxes on these vehicles could rise from the current 10% to around 25%, according to EU sources, but the figures are still being fine-tuned and countries such as Germany are pushing to lower them because of their dependence on China. Berlin has accepted higher tariffs, but is trying to…

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fed enero 2024

US: Fed shifts rate cut outlook from 2024 to 2025 and 2026 as CPI falls to +3.3% in May

Bankinter: The Fed meets expectations and keeps interest rates (Fed Funds) at 5.25%/5.50%. With respect to the macro picture, it maintains the GDP forecasts for 2024, 2025 and 2026. However, it revises upwards both Inflation (PCE) and Underlying Inflation in 2025 and 2026 and continues to miss the 2% target until 2026. The Unemployment Rate is also revised slightly upwards in 2025, 2026 and in the longer term. With regard…

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Isabel Dutilh

“European funds are not reaching companies. There is total inefficiency”

Isabel Dutilh, director of Elecnor, Banco Alcalá and Millenium Real State explains in an interview with Mari Pinardo in the magazine Consejeros that “Europe has to have control of the funds and this requires a certain amount of bureaucracy, but in the end it is so much bureaucracy that it generates frustration and people give up applying for them”. Q – There are continuous and constant legislative changes, what do…

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“In banking funds, there are sales targets and conflicts of interest”

Fernando Rodríguez| “The big picture of Indexa is that we aspire to be the leading independent asset manager in Europe” says Ramón Blanco, founder and director of Indexa Capital Group Q- What is the equity story or investor proposition of Indexa’s shares?A- What is listed is Indexa Capital Group, and underneath it hang three operating companies: Indexa Capital – a broker-dealer, the French insurance broker Indexa Courrier d’assurance and the…

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