housing overvalued

Spain | Economic, Social And Demographic Determinants Of Housing Demand

BBVA Research | Since 1996, the number of homes in Spain has increased, as well as their size. This Observatory studies the contribution of different socio-demographic factors such as average household size, population growth and the number of dwellings per household to the demand and size per dwelling. Key points Before 2008, the decrease in the size of the households and the increase in the population explained most of the…

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Macron Draghi

The Draghi-Macron Pact Aims To Counter Any Deviation Of The New German Coalition

Luis Alcaide | Angela Merkel’s departure from the German chancellery raises the question of the attitude of the Symaphoric coalition (Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals) towards the European integration process. In the meantime, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and French President Emmanuel Macron signed an extensive bilateral agreement in Rome (60 pages, including both foreign policy and defence policy and a series of concrete economic agreements). This strengthens the role…

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blue bonds2

How Blue Bonds Promise to Boost Latin America’s Economy

Craig Dempesey | The recent issuance of Latin America’s first blue bond could be a major milestone. The region stands to benefit from this nascent financial mechanism aimed at protecting water sources and creating opportunities for populations living near them.Announced during the UN climate summit in Glasgow, the fixed-rate bond issued by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will generate $37 million to help fund projects to increase access to clean water in Latin America.

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ramon adell

“Legal Uncertainty Is Lethal For Attracting Investment”

Ramón Adell is a board member of a large listed energy company, Naturgy, and several others. Right now, the Spanish business world is partly caught up in a wave of ICO loans and labour market measures such as ERTEs. Q: What effects do you think this bubble has had on the culture and management of companies in our country? A: There is still a certain anaesthesia in part of the…

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Herman Simon

“I Hope That The New German Government’s Climate Change Plan Is Realistic”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | Herman Simon, founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners, is best known for his 30 books, translated into 26 languages. His works on pricing and price management have become classics in the academic world. According to Manager Magazin, he is the world’s foremost pricing expert. Q: There will probably be a red-green cabinet supported by the Liberals. What do you expect from the new government “in the Chinese…

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