pedro sanchez

€146 million: Sánchez doubles propaganda spending of last PP government

The year 2023 is marked by the regional and municipal elections in May and the general elections in December. This fact is noticeable in the budgets dedicated by the Government to institutional advertising. The plan approved in the last Council of Ministers foresees an expenditure of €145.98 million in campaigns of all kinds. Since Sánchez arrived at the Moncloa, the number of institutional campaigns has not stopped growing. From the…

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Crédito y CauciónCrédito y Caución
ECB's president Christine Lagarde

ECB hikes policy rates by 50bp

Annalisa Piazza (MFS Investment Management) | The ECB hiked policy rates by 50bp and pre-committed to hike by another 50bp in March. The depo rate now stands at 2.50%. Looking ahead, the ECB is widely committed to keep rates in restrictive territory to reach the inflation target in the medium term. The overall communication by the ECB remains relatively hawkish as the policy stance remains restrictive. That said, the market…

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Banner CIR, junio 2022

Jerome Powell

Powell’s dovish hints water down Fed’s stance

J.P. Marín-Arrese |  The Fed’s message was tough enough, warning that the hiking cycle will go on unabated, even if it loses some steam, until inflation comes fully under control. The markets expected the quarter per cent rise in the Federal funds would prompt Powell to offset such a slowdown with a hawkish performance. Yet, in the press conference, he provided enough dovish hints to send the stocks bouncing back…

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Veronik Grimm

Veronika Grimm: “the high costs of fossil energies represent a stimulus to accelerate the transformation towards renewable energies”

Lidia Conde | Veronika Grimm (Rendsburg, Germany, 1971) sits on the German Federal Government’s Advisory Council of Economists, which analyses the country’s economic development on the basis of scientific criteria and publishes a report every autumn in which it expresses its analyses and forecasts. Following its opinion, the government in turn responds to the council’s recommendations. Now, Grimm predicts that the economy of the continent’s leading power will shrink by…

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“The defaults are not the tsunami that was expected, it is a tide that is slowly rising”

Explains Fernando Salazar, President of CESCE, the Spanish Export Credit Insurance Company, in an interview with Fernando Rodríguez. Q- How does a company like CESCE, which operates in many countries, view the geopolitical risk map? A- Geopolitics is currently setting the economic agenda, as the world is in great turmoil; there is no region, not even Europe, that is free. We see the rise of populism, parliamentary fragmentation, social instability,…

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