Madrid Stock Exchange revision

The Number Of Investors In The Spanish Stock Market Falls By 35% In 2021

The Spanish stock market has become less attractive to investors, according to the latest data published by one of the country’s leading brokers, XTB. Despite doubling its volume of active clients in equities during 2021 compared to 2020, a clear change of trend in the Spanish market is being observed. The number of investors who only operate in the domestic market has decreased by 35% last year, while the number…

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Turkey plans to limit dividends: if BBVA’s bid for Garanti is completed, the bank would raise its risk profile (Turkey ~24.6% of NAP)

Bankinter | The Turkish banking sector regulator (BDDK) is planning to limit the payment of dividends charged against 2021 results. For the time being, it is an informal recommendation made to the Turkish Banking Association. There is, however, no formal confirmation. Bankinter analyis team’s opinion: The regulator’s intention would be understandable – improve solvency in the face of the weak Lira, which has racked up a fall of >80% vs…

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msci world

The New Silicon Valley: Asian Markets

Frank Schwarz (MainFirst ) | Any investor approaching the subject of ETFs cannot ignore the MSCI World index. It is not only because of its high profile that this index makes its way into many portfolios seeking broad diversification. But how much diversification does the MSCI World really offer? Presented as a globally distributed investment with some 1,600 companies, around 65% of its weight is accounted for by the US,…

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mauricio claver

“There Are Companies That Have Left Latin America Because Of Currency Risk. We Offer Hedging To Eliminate It”

Pablo Pardo (Washington) | Since October 2020, the largest development agency in the Americas, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has had at its helm a person who grew up in Madrid, Mauricio Claver-Carone, the first American to head the institution. He was director for the Americas at the National Security Council during Donald Trump’s presidency. And Claver-Carone has set himself the goal of making Latin America accelerate its growth, making…

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“ESG Standards Platform To Be Ready In 2022” Says IOSCO Secretary General

Fernando Rodríguez (Emisores) | Irishman Martin Moloney is the new Secretary General of IOSCO (International Organisation of Securities Commissions), which brings together 130 supervisory bodies of the world’s most important stock exchanges. The organisation has accelerated its work so that next year investors will have a global platform or baseline with which to operate safely in the variegated and confusing world of ESG products and standards. Q: IOSCO supports a…

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