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Alberto Lebrón is a founding partner of the blog China Capital and director of the programme Direct from Asia on International Radio. He is also an investigative economist for the Peking City University and has been a financial correspondent in the Asia-Pacific region since 2009.
año del cerdo

Happy (But Not So Prosperous) Year Of The Pig

Alberto J. Lebrón (Beijing) | The pig, in Chinese culture, has always been a symbol of abundance. Given that the pig is an essential element in their diet – Spain is the country that exports most pork to the China market – explanations abound. But what is significant is that this year of the pig is going to be far less abundant than previous years.

Tourism spending in Spain

China’s Future Investments To Come To Spain

Spain receives less investment from China due to its lack of knowledge of the market. The UK clocks up almost 20 billion dollars in investments from China, while Spain is behind countries like Hungary or Romania. Qian Jiannong is deputy chairman of the Fosun group, amongst other things. This is a Chinese conglomerate which made 1.1 billion euros in 2015.

China recurso

Shadow Puppetry In Chinese Corporate Debt

Chinese corporate debt has not stopped growing since 2007 (it is around 160% of GDP). But given the level of reserves, Beijing does not yet understand the alarmism unleashed by international agencies.

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What’s Really Causing Concern In China

It’s not the slowdown or the devaluation of the yuan which is really worrying, but China’s reforms. Economic reform, which should lead to a free market. And political reform which, unfortunately for the Chinese people, will be some time coming.


“There Is A General Consensus To Promote The Internationalisation Of SMEs Via E-Commerce”

BEIJING| Alberto Lebrón | There have been two events in November which have been key to measuring the trend in global consumption: China’s “Singles’ Day” on 11/11 and the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend in the rest of the world. Diane Wang, an e-business pioneer and one of the 10 most powerful women in the Asia Pacific, has created the largest b2b platform in China, with 10 million corporate clients.

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U.S and China put emerging markets to the test

BEIJING | Alberto Lebrón | When the Asian crisis began in 1997, there were some countries which thought they were unjustly treated. For example, South Korea. Today, nearly twenty years on, the same pattern is being repeated, although the principal actors involved are much better prepared than they were then. But, are the Asian countries ready to face a restrictive monetary cyle imposed by the U.S.?