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Fernando Gonzalez Urbaneja
Over 30 years working in economic journalism. Fernando was founder and chief-editor at El País, general editor at the business daily Cinco Días, and now teaches at Universidad Carlos III. He's been president of the Madrid Press Association and the Spanish Federation of Press Associations. He's also member of the Spanish press complaints commission.
The Bank of Spain

Bank Of Spain Issues a Warning: An Incomplete Recovery With Uncertainties

Fernando González Urbaneja | The Bank of Spain’s Annual Report, usually issued in May/June, is the canonical report for economic experts, the one used as a reference for all those who want to have an informed opinion. This does not mean that it is infallible, but it does mean that it is reliable and trustworthy. Some of the all-knowledgeable people who take up space on television this morning said that…

wholeshale electricity market

At last!… The Regulated Electricity Tariff Will Finally Be Reformed

Fernando González Urbaneja | It’s coming up to a year since gas became more expensive on the international markets, which in Spain led to an unbridled rise in the price of electricity for a large number of families and companies. A price hike that had a spectacular and artificial impact on the CPI, with second-round effects on all consumer prices and on the direct costs of production processes. At the…

pedro sanchez pablo iglesias

How Podemos Got Old

Fernando González Urbaneja | A decade ago now, in the midst of the 2008-12 recession, that of the financial crisis which was more than that, the so-called “15M” movement emerged in Spain and “Occupy WS” in New York. They proclaimed loudly, chanting slogans such as: “they don’t represent us”, “they call it democracy and it isn’t”, “Take the square”, “PP and PSOE it’s the same shit”, “no home, no job,…

NorthIreland copia

Irish Unification On The Horizon

Fernando González Urbaneja | Irish unification is likely to be on the horizon later this decade. Demographics and politics are transformative. And both are on the side of unification. Last week’s elections in the six northern counties point to changing majorities. Unification has not occupied the campaign debates, but it looms large as it is part of the permanent and structural agenda. Republican parties are now dominant against those who…

euro digital

The Spanish Treasury Pays For Debt Again

Fernando González Urbaneja | In recent years the European Central Bank, in addition to ensuring price stability (an objective it has achieved), has tried to sustain and stimulate the euro economies by supplying all the credit necessary and at the lowest price imaginable, practically zero. States have benefited from this policy by issuing debt at no cost, even with a few tenths of a yield. The ECB has done its…

Jerome Powell

Rising Rates, Falling Stock Prices

Fernando González Urbaneja | The relationship between bond and share prices is well known; when bond yields fall, shares are likely to rise. And the opposite is true, the lower the bond yield, the higher the share price. This is the general thesis that admits exceptions and variants. Bond prices are closely linked to the interest rate determined by central banks as well as the risk premium applied to each…


The Excessive Profits Of The Electricity Companies, Where Are They?

Fernando González Urbaneja | Several ministers in conversations with journalists have complained about the excessive, extraordinary, abusive… profits of the electricity companies. These adjectives have been heard in Parliament from the mouths of more than a few dubiously documented parliamentarians. It would be desirable for such descriptions to be followed by explanations and figures, because where there are no accounts, stories dominate. To begin with, it would be useful to…

Santander consumer bank

Santander: Good Results, Badly Received

Fernando González Urbaneja | Santander presented its first quarter results this week. Good in general terms. More business, better margins, growth and the best results without extraordinary items or gimmicks. However, the stock market’s immediate reaction was quite bad, with no explanation beyond a feeling of future problems. And so much because of the bank’s management as because of the general business environment. The feeling, even perception, of a recovery…

France's risk premium

Thirteen Million French People Are Not The “Far Right”.

Fernando González Urbaneja | Until the French electoral cycle concludes with the June legislative elections, which will define the composition of the new government, it is premature to conclude on the ideological-social-moral map of the French. The right-left axis is of little use when the winning candidate, Enmanuel Macron, flees from this taxonomy, and the losing candidate accumulates 13 million votes (425) that are incompatible with the category of “extreme”….


The Euribor Enters Into Positive Territory

Fernando González Urbaneja | Last week the Euribor started to trade in positive, five thousandths of a point insignificant, but positive. Since February 2016 the Euribor had been negative, down to a minimum of half a point. Several million Spanish mortgages will be more expensive today than yesterday, although less than tomorrow. The European Central Bank opted weeks ago for a progressive and cautious strategy towards the neutrality of its…