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Spain has highest proportion of contracts of 6 months or less

Unemployment, employment and propaganda: November unemployment up 90,000 – not down 24,500 – counting 114,000 “fixed discontinuous workers who stopped working”

Unemployment fell in Spain by 24,573 people in November, in what has been the second largest fall in unemployment for this month excluding the pandemic, but this evolution is distorted because, after the labour reform, all workers with fixed discontinuous contracts who go into inactivity and even begin to collect a benefit, are not counted as unemployed. As the newspaper El Mundo explains, in November, a total of 114,000 people…

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Brussels calculates Spain has only spent €20,000 million of €37,000 EU funds received

Spain has spent around €20 billion of the grants from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM), the main instrument of the Next Generation EU, in the first three years of implementation. These are the estimates of the Commission itself and set out in its latest revision of the Budgetary Plan sent by the Spanish government in October. Brussels has already disbursed €37 billion of the €80 billion expected up to…