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Spanish public debt sets new record: 1.613 trillion (109% of GDP)

The Bank of Spain (BdE) reported on Friday that the debt of all public administrations in Spain rose in 1Q2024 to 109% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), 1.3 percentage points above the close of 2023, while the amount of Spanish public debt set a new record at €1.613 trillion, with record indebtedness of the State and the autonomous regions. The Bank of Spain, which thus confirmed the 1Q2024…

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corte ingles

El Corte Inglés earns €480 million in its best year since 2009

El Corte Inglés, the large Spanish department store chain, achieved its best ordinary results since 2009, thanks to the strength of retail and Travel & Insurance, which recorded the best year in its history. The company reached €16,333 million in revenues at the end of its financial year (29 February), 5.4% more than the previous year, and reduced financial debt to its lowest level in 16 years, at €2,059 million,…