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Iberdrola partners with BP to roll out 11,700 EV charging points by 2030 in Spain and Portugal

Renta 4| The company has announced an agreement with BP through which they will deploy fast-charging points for electric vehicles in Spain and Portugal with renewable sources. A total of 5,000 points will be installed by 2025, and 11,700 points by 2030 for which an investment of €1,000 million will be made. Assessment: Positive news with limited impact. No details have been provided regarding returns on investment, prices or other…

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Spain: Somebody please bring down the tension

Fernando González Urbaneja | The electoral tension is over… at least until the next time. Which is close, but deserves some respect, some time to rest. The government is legitimately constituted, everyone has played their cards and made their commitments, the cards have been dealt, and it would be a good idea to give a little leeway while the positions reached settle… At least a Christmas truce, until the new…