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Abengoa anticipates tripling its billing in 10 years

Public Administrations Try To Save Abengoa

The Central Government and the Andalusian Regional Government agreed on Monday to “delimit” the network of around 300 subsidiaries of multinational Abengoa that could be saved. This will necessarily require them to have business activity and a workload. In any case, the operation will require the backing of Brussels, according to both administrations. Their work begins this Tuesday with a technical working group to analyse the viability plan presented by…

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Mediaset and Netflix

Media Terminals, Myth Or Reality?

Fernando González Urbaneja | I will not be so naïve as to hold up the impartiality, objectivity, neutrality, independence… of the media and journalists. Too many years in the profession to remain trapped in that angelic vision. We are not neutral and independence goes by neighbourhoods, topics and times. Each media outlet, each journalist has his/her preferences, biases, sympathies (and antipathies that may not be very bearable) in more or…