In Spain

Paolo Gentiloni

Brussels calls on Spain to “improve the quality, efficiency and equity of public spending” and warns of “delays” in the use of EU funds

Spain has managed to avoid the EU’s excessive deficit procedure by committing to reduce the deficit to 3% this year (compared to a 3.6% public deficit in 2023) but has not been able to avoid the European Commission’s demands for a long list of actions, some of which have already been committed, because “deficit and debt levels remain high, requiring further measures to consolidate the fiscal position and correct risks…

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In 2017 global sales of electric cars surpassed the 1-million-unit mark

Seat boss quits chairmanship of automobile employers’ association due to government’s lack of commitment to electric cars: “They are not up to the task”

Wayne Griffiths, president of Cupra and Seat, has resigned as president of the car manufacturers’ association (ANFAC). He was already on the verge of resigning at the end of last year and stayed on because he wanted to give President Sánchez another chance. The resignation presented this Thursday was communicated to the board of directors five minutes before the meeting began. A body that has endorsed his decision. “It is…