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Despite Next Gen funds, investment in Spain is falling, not rising

Francisco Vidal | Convergence with the main European nations in terms of levels of welfare and wealth has been one of Spain’s major objectives for longer than we would have liked, and the situation, far from improving, has worsened in recent times. In the year 2000, Spain’s real GDP per capita was equivalent to 95.6% of that of the current 27 EU countries as a whole; a figure that fell…

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“It’s crazy that the Spanish government is supervised by a body from Geneva” assures Manfred Weber

In an interview published in La Vanguardia, the president of the European People’s Party considers that the creation of a commission in the Congress to “check the sentences of the independent courts” breaks with the rule of law in Spain. And he explains that “For us, as EPP, it was important to have an exchange of views on the issue. I was quite surprised. I was quite surprised that the…