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Employment November

Absenteeism continues to rise: 6.3% of hours “worked” are not worked

Caixabank Research | Employment is well above pre-pandemic levels. Specifically, in Q1 2024 it is already more than 8% above Q1 2019 records (in National Accounts terms) and double cumulative GDP growth of 3.7%. In contrast, actual hours worked have grown at a slower pace since then, just 1.3%. This has translated into a decline in hours worked per worker (PTETC) of 6.3%. Thus, while productivity per worker has fallen…

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Grifols family and Brookfield considering takeover bid to delist Grifols from stock exchange

Grifols (GRF) informed the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) yesterday that on 7 July the Board of Directors of GRF, at an extraordinary meeting, received a request from GRF’s family shareholders and Brookfield Capital Partners (UK) Limited to allow access to certain company information in order to carry out a due diligence process in relation to a possible acquisition of GRF shares. The Board was informed that the purpose of…