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Spain seizes good moment in risk premium to issue 10 year syndicated bond

ICO to channel 40,000 million in loans from second part of Next Generation funds

The European funds will be used for the green and digital transition of companies, as well as to facilitate social housing and the audiovisual sector. The mobilisation will be carried out through five funds: ICO-Green (€22,000 million), loans to households, private and public companies for sustainable projects and energy efficiency, among others; ICO-Enterprise (€8,150 million, of which €1,000 million is earmarked for tourism) to strengthen the growth of companies, especially…

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Telefónica confirms dividend (€0.30/share) despite ending 2023 with losses (-€892m) due to restructuring in Spain and impairment in UK

Telefónica (TEF) closed 2023 with a loss of €892 million due to extraordinary items, including the provision for the restructuring plan in Telefónica Spain and an impairment of goodwill in Virgin Media O2 (VM02). The operator’s ordinary net profit in 2023, excluding provisions and extraordinary items, grew 17.1% to €2,369 million. Group revenues rose 1.6% last year to more than EUR €40,000 million (€40,652 million). Net financial debt increased mainly…