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Why Trump’s Challenges To Democracy Will Be A Big Problem For Biden

The attack on the Capitol may have threatened the lives of federal legislators and Capitol police officers, but the most it achieved was to interrupt, briefly, a ministerial procedure. But the question of real, lasting – and legal – accountability will fall to Biden, and his nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland. They will decide whether to continue existing investigations and potentially start new ones.

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History Will Tell If The Coronavirus Is To Trump What Hurricane Katrina Was To George W. Bush’s Legacy

Regina Borromeo (Robeco ) | Since the summer, our view has been that voting momentum will follow the path of the pandemic and the economic recovery. Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been compared to George W. Bush’s mishandling of the disaster response to Hurricane Katrina, which coincided with a fall in the President’s polling and approval ratings. National polls have seen Biden extend his lead to over 10% recently, a larger spread compared to 2016 when Hilary Clinton ran against Trump. 

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President Trump And His Wife Have Tested Positive For COVID-19… Election Uncertainty Ramps Up

The symbolism of President Trump testing positive for coronavirus will not be lost on market participants and economists. Many things – from US-China relations, post-election tax policy, the US’s relationship with global institutions, trade, climate change progress, social cohesion in the US –depend on how a 74-year old man reacts to getting a virus that has claimed over a million lives globally this year

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Trump And Biden Clash In Chaotic Debate – Experts React On The Court, Race And Election Integrity

The Conversation | President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took part in a presidential debate Sept. 29 that exemplified the lack of civility in American politics. The president frequently interrupted and spoke over his challenger, Biden told Trump to “shut up,” and few issues were discussed in enough depth to provide much information to undecided voters. We asked three scholars to discuss themes brought up by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News, who struggled throughout the debate to keep control.

This is how ancient Rome’s republic died – a classicist sees troubling parallels at Trump’s impeachment trial

“Donald Trump would like to be a Dictator,” says George Soros

Soros was speaking in an interview entitled The Crisis of a Lifetime with the journalist and author Gregor Peter Schmidtz, published by Project Syndicate. He argues that “Donald Trump would like to be a dictator” but cannot because there is a constitution in the United states that people still respect though “that doesn’t mean he will not try”. “I put my faith in Trump to destroy himself, and he has exceeded my wildest expectations”.

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Boris Johnson’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Peter Isackson | Until January 31 of this year, there was both a tunnel linking Britain to the continent and a powerful (metaphorical) bridge called the European Union. Now the tunnel is all that connects England and Europe. Johnson’s engineers are hard at work dismantling that symbolic bridge, which may explain why Boris feels the still-united kingdom needs a new physical bridge — a symbol to replace a symbol.

US 2020 election outcomes you're not watching

US 2020 Election Outcomes You’re Not Watching

This article focuses on the 2020 US Election, which formally kicks off next week with the February 3 Iowa Caucuses. In this piece, experts at BNY Mellon Daniel Tenengauzer and John Velis explore how markets may react as political events unfold in the run-up to November 3.

Bypassing obstacles for 2020

Bypassing Obstacles For 2020

José Ramón Díez Guijarro (Bankia Estudios) | The end of the year has served to dismiss some of the doubts that have distorted the decisions of the economic agents during the last months, ballasting the growth rates of the activity. Visibility has improved in the short term, yet uncertainty is here to stay

Trump arrives in Europe with a new trade war

Trump Arrives in Europe With a New Trade War

|Profiting from his return to Europe to celebrate the 70th anniversary of NATO, Donald Trump used the platform to launch the opening salvos in a new skirmish in his endlessly improvised “America First” trade wars. This time, Trump claims to be retaliating against France’s effort to resist the unfettered domination of the giant American tech monopolies that have spread across global markets, leaving little margin of maneuver to potential competitors who can’t match their size and reach.