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Donald Trump Speaks for the Speechless

Larry Beck | For those of you who continue to believe that America is a great nation deserving of the respect and admiration that much of the rest of the world seems to have forgotten about, the 2016 presidential race to the sewer will provide a plethora of feel good moments.


The Social Roots of Political Realignment in the West

Jean Pisani-Ferry via Caixin | For the first time in several decades, a series of Western countries are simultaneously experiencing major political upheaval. In several of them, populist parties that challenge consensual principles and established policies, and candidates who define themselves as anti-system outsiders, are on the rise or already in power.

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10 Good Things About the Not-So-Great 2015

Medea Benjamin | It would certainly be easy to do a piece about ten horrible events from 2015—from the ongoing war in Syria and the refugee crisis, to the attacks in Beirut, Paris and San Bernardino, to the rise of Donald Trump and Islamophobia. But that wouldn’t be a very inspiring way to bid farewell to this year and usher in a new one. So let’s look at ten reasons to feel better about 2015.