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European banks: systemic risk dissipates after Credit Suisse buyout by UBS

Bankinter : The chairman of the ECB’s Supervisory Board, Andrea Enria, highlights the soundness of the sector and considers that the shareholder remuneration policy (average pay-out ~50.0% of NAB) is reasonable. Banking rose +4.79% on Tuesday. Positive highlights: UBS/Switzerland (CHF 19.42; +12.2%); Commerzbank/Germany (CHF 10.02; +7.4%), Sabadell/Spain (CHF 1.07; +7.5%), Unicredit/Italy (CHF 17.42; +6.9%), ING (CHF 11.16; +5.9%) and BBVA/Spain (CHF 6.57; +5.4%). Analyst’s view: Sector fundamentals are good (liquidity,…

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ECB to help banking sector, if needed, but considers it strong

Bankinter : The ECB raises the reference rates +50 b.p.: Deposit: +3.00%, Director +3.50% and Credit Marginal +3.75%. In line with what the ECB anticipated in February. However, it does not comment on future steps. It revises its inflation forecasts downwards, to +5.3% in 2023 (vs +6.3% previously estimated), +2.9% in 2024 (vs +3.4% previously) and +2.1% in 2025 (vs +2.3% previously). In her subsequent appearance, Lagarde says that upcoming…

Calviño raises fiscal deficit targets

The Government Will Explain Today The New Tax On The Banking Sector

The Government plans to hold a meeting this Friday with representatives of the banking sector in which it will address, among other issues, the new temporary tax on the sector announced by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, which will last for two years and will seek to raise a total of 3,000 million. Although the meeting does not revolve around this extraordinary tax, the details of which are…

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The Blunder Of Negative Interest Rates

Miguel Navascués | The depression and the drop in inflation -or even deflation- have led the central banks to try a disastrous experiment: negative interest rates. Even Christine Lagarde speaks of putting the reference interest rate at -2%. This has been a mistake for several reasons. It discourages the holding of liquid deposits (which logically yield zero or negative), but it does not make people anticipate consumption, if prices stagnate or fall.

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The long road towards creating a safe European asset

CaixaBank Research | The European Commission is looking at how the banks can have a more diversified portfolio of public debt securities. It is studying how to obtain a safe European asset without having to establish a tax union to back the issue of said asset.


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Mobiles vs Branches: The future for EM banks distribution

LONDON | May 30, 2015 | Cristina Marzea (CFA) | All the buzz these days is about digital banking: will banks lose business to disruptive entrants, or will they fight back and embark on a massive digital revolution which will see the branch concept become obsolete. Not all EMs are the same – this refers to levels of bancarisation, credit penetration, technology and mobile adoption, as well as the competitive banking landscape that shapes where each banking market is in the technology cycle.