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Fernando Rodriguez is in charge of PR and Development at The Corner. He has worked for over 30 years for financial publications like Expansion, El Economista, Dossier Empresarial, Ciudadano and Afa Press-Worldfolio and has been a contributor to El Pais-Negocios, Emprendedores, Época, Sector Ejecutivo and Consejeros. Fernando holds a degree in Journalism from CEU-San Pablo (Complutense University) and a master’s degree in Strategic Communication from CESMA business school. As a communication consultant, he has developed PR projects for firms like Grupo Bancaja, JP Morgan, GBS, Corpfin, QBE, Howden, Asociación Española de Leasing y Renting (AELR) or Asociación Española de Accionistas Minoritarios de Empresas Cotizadas (AEMEC).

The IEAF’s Free Stock Market Analysis Service Has Covered 15 Spanish Mid-Cap Companies

Fernando Rodriguez | The experts developing the Lighthouse Project have already issued 68 information notes on listed companies that had not been subject to any analysis.The listed companies analysed are: Liwe, Prim, Nicolás Correa, Amper, Ercross, Lingotes Especiales, Adolfo Domínguez, Borges, Iffe Futura, Bioserch, Face Phi, Desa, GAM, Ecolumber and Audax Renovables.