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Italy’s Presidential Race Puts a Strain on Political Balance

*This article was originally published by Fair Observer Alissa Claire Collavo | Italy’s parliament gathered in a joint session of both houses on January 24 to elect the country’s next president who will succeed Sergio Mattarella, whose term will end on February 3. A total of 1,009 voters, including 58 delegates chosen by regional councils and known as “great electors,” took part in the first stage of voting, which will be repeated every…

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Super Mario Is Back With The Mission To Turn Italian Crisis Around; But It Won’t Be Easy

Over the weekend, Mario Draghi has managed to obtain a broad majority to form a new coalition government in Italy after winning the support of the Five Star Movement and the ultra-right-wing League. His nomination is a try to turn the country around the virus-induced crisis, since he is a widely respected figure for his important role during the European debt crisis. The yield of the Italian 10-year bond fell last week -11 bps to 0.53% on the expectation of greater political stability in the country (vs. a high of 0.75% this year).

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Farewell to (Super) Mario Draghi

Caixabank Research | After a September full of announcements, the next ECB meeting (24 October) will be transitional, in one sense at least: 31 October will see the end of Mario Draghi´s mandate, the most charismatic president in the institution´s history.


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Draghi leaves an outstanding heritage

J. P. Marín-Arrese | Against all odds, Draghi has secured consensus over his stimuli package by a cunny trade-off between the subdued intensity of individual measures in exchange of ample coverage. His brilliant brinkmanship as Chair of the ECB facilitates the task of his successor as Ms Lagarde can wait-and-see comfortably cushioned by a strong and comprehensive arsenal relieving her of the need to change course for many months to come.

The paradox of the ECB long-term refinancing operations

ECB’s Meeting: Draghi Will Not Stop To Remind That The Purchases Programme Is Flexible

The ECB’s meeting next Thursday will serve to prolong the continuist tone and will be characterised by an appearance by Draghi in which he will continue with his message of prudence. The Italian will also recall that the ammunition remains ready and will insist on the roll-over of matured assets in the portfolio linked to QE, at the same time as again deferring raising interests rates, signalling summer 2019 as a posible date.


32 out of 59 central banks anticipate raising interest rates in 2018

32 out of 59 central banks anticipate raising interest rates in 2018

J.L.M. Campuzano | The ECB calculates that its extreme expansionary monetary measures have contributed nearly two points to European growth since 2014. The question now is whether the benefits of maintaining them outweigh the risks of prolonging excessively lax financial conditions too long.

When it comes to sending messages to the market, central banker develop their own language.

Central Bankers’ Language Does Matter

J.P. Marin-Arrese | When it comes to sending messages to the market, Jerome Powell is proving less conventional and more straightforward than Mario Draghi. The former added fuel to the fire by delivering a forthright appraisal of the strength of US growth, the latter announced the ECB would scrap the QE scheme by the end of the year.