Telefónica increases incentive redundancy plan to 3,000 employees

Telefónica has presented the unions with a final offer for the Incentive Dismissal Plan (PSI) that provides for a maximum of 2,982 departures from the 4,532 workers entitled to join on the basis of age and seniority. This is nearly a hundred more than the proposal put forward at the previous meeting. The income offer remains the same as for the last proposals: 68% of the regulatory salary for those…

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The Government Extends Its Veto On Takeover Bids And Cools The Prospects Of A Possible Corporate Operation By Telefónica.

Bankinter | The Spanish government extends its veto power against possible takeover bids by one year, until December 2022. So in Telefónica (TEF), as a company considered strategic, the government will have to authorise purchases by EU investors of more than 10% of the capital. The ability to veto investments from outside the EU also remains in force indefinitely. These restrictions were imposed in April 2020 to prevent Spanish companies…


Telefónica Reports 9.335 Billion Euros Profit To September; Reduces Debt To 25 billion

Telefónica has reported a record profit of 9.335 billion euros in the year to September – in the third quarter, on a like-for-like basis, profit was 706 million. The 9-months’ figures include the extraordinary results from the divestment of Telxius (around 3.5 billion euros) and the joint venture with Virgin Media in the UK (another 3 billion). These operations have also enabled the company to cut its debt by 31%…

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Brazil Rewards Telefónica/Vivo And Large Operators In 5G Auction On 4 November

José Alves (Capital Madrid) | The big Brazilian operators – Telefónica’s Vivo, Telecom Italia’s Tim and América Móviles’ Claro – have plenty of reasons to celebrate the new deployment conditions Anatel, Brazil’s telecommunications regulator, has announced for the 5G auction on 4 November. It has not been easy due to the long and laborious preparation, which has required three and a half months of public consultation and eight months of…

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Telefónica Aims To Put The UK On A Par With Spain In Fiber Optic Installation

Last August, in an interview with the Times, Telefónica’s chairman, José María Álvarez-Pallete, urged the United Kingdom to follow Spain’s example in fiber optics so as not to miss out on the digital revolution. Pallete remarked that in Spain there is more fiber optic than in the UK, France, Germany and Portugal together, with a penetration of 70%, compared to only 3% in the UK. Yesterday it was learned that…

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Spain, The European Country With The Most Fibre Optics

Telefónica España, a subsidiary of Spanish telecommunications group Telefónica (TEF), shut down in 1H2021 a thousand copper telephone exchanges, whose service has been replaced with fibre optic lines. The Spanish operator began the process of “switching off” copper exchanges and replacing them with fibre exchanges in 2016 and aims to achieve the total shutdown of its copper network by 2024, coinciding with the company’s centenary. Telefónica Spain’s Chief Operating Officer,…

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Telefónica Opens The Door To A 4-Day Working Week, With A 15% Pay Cut

Telefónica España and trade unions, UGT and CCOO, signed an agreement on Tuesday to extend their Collective Bargaining Agreement, which was due to end this year, until 31 December 2022. The extension includes a 1% wage increase and a bonus of 300 euros to be received in October 2022. The agreement will also serve to consolidate Telefónica España’s new ways of working, with two voluntary teleworking days a week for…

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Telefónica Halves Its Debt To 26 Billion Euros

In 2011, Telefónica’s liabilities exceeded 56 billion euros. Today, however, after the latest operations (the merger agreement for its business in the United Kingdom, the sale of towers to American Tower…) it has cut its leverage by a further 8.4 billion euros and reduced it to less than half, at 26 billion. Although this amount is starting to become more manageable for the group, the most critical operators point out…

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Telefónica Doubles Q1’21 Profit Despite A 9% Revenue Drop; Will Pay €0.2/Share In June

Telefonica presented today its results for the first quarter of the year: revenues fell by -9% to 10.34 billion, as did EBITDA, which fell to 3.417 billion (-9.1%), which did not prevent it from doubling net profit, which rose 116% to 886 million (FacSet analysts’ consensus expected 500 million in profit), representing a margin of 8.6% vs. the 3.6% margin in the first quarter of last year.


O2 and Virgin Media Merger Puts £5.5 Billion In Telefónica’s Coffers

T.C. | The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the UK’s competition regulator, has provisionally cleared the merger of O2, Telefónica’s UK mobile subsidiary, and Virgin, the cable group controlled by US-based Liberty Global, into a company – 50% owned by the two partners – valued by the market at around 45 billion euros (more than £38 billion) and which will become, along with BT, the UK market leader. If BT has 46.3 million customers, the new company will have 46.5 million (32.6 million mobile, 5.3 million fixed broadband, 4.9 million fixed voice and 3.7 million pay TV).