Telefonica misses EBITDA forecast without IFRS 16 extraordinary payments

Renta 4 | The results have exceeded forecasts for income (+1% vs R4e and consensus) and have missed those of the consensus for EBITDA excluding the impact of IFRS 16 (+414 M€) and extraordinary payments (+120 M€ vs +100M€ foreseen) by -3%, while remaining slightly above ours (+0.5%).

Telefónica guay

Telefónica sells its data centers to reduce debt

Banc Sabadell | Telefonica will decide in the coming days between the binding and final offers it has on the table, namely Digital Realty, Equinix and Brookfield’s. The price would be around 500/600 million euros. The Spanish tech company has 23 data centers in 9 countries.

Telefonica ever closer to selling its Central American subsidiary

High acceptance (72%) of Telefonica’s hybrid bonds

Renta 4 | Telefónica has announced the result of the repurchase of the 2 hybrid bonds which it issued on 5 March. The nominal aggregate value which Telefónica will accept to purchase the bonds has reached 934.7 million euros, of which 586.5 million euros corresponds to the bond with maturity in December 2019 and 348.2 million euros with maturity in March 2020.