Ferrovial Sells Its Environment Business In Spain and Portugal To PreZero For 1.133 Bn Euros

Ferrovial’s Environment division recorded annual sales of 1.018 billion euros in 2020, gross operating profit of 130 million, including dividends, and had an order book of 2.177 billion at year-end. The company has a workforce of 16,000 employees and manages 140 recycling plants where it processes 5.6 million tonnes of waste each year. It also does street cleaning, selective collection and maintenance of green areas in more than 600 Spanish…

Ferrovial will have a new source of dividends in 2019 in US

Ferrovial Gains Ground In Its US Talisman State With A €1.275 Bn Deal, Ahead Of Biden’s Investment Plan

The Spanish construction group has been awarded one of the largest road contracts of the year in the US to expand the I-35 interstate highway in Texas, with a budget that means 20% of the group’s total 2020 revenues. Ferrovial was chosen in 2005 as a strategic partner of the Texas government to design and build the TT Corridor 35. Furthermore, this US state is one of the Group’s largest markets given that its three largest consolidated concessions globally are located there.


Ferrovial Closed 2019 with a Profit of 268 Million Euros

Renta 4 | Ferrovial (FER) obtained a net profit of 268 million euros last year, which managed to settle in “black numbers” and thus reverse the losses with which it had closed 2018 and had been justifying over the first three quarters of 2019, thanks to the capital gains from the sale of the Ausol highway in Malaga.