Acciona Energía to expand MacIntyre wind farm in Australia to 2.000 MW; most important project to date

Renta 4|Acciona Energía has announced the expansion of the MacIntyre wind energy complex which is currently under construction in Queensland, Australia. It will reach a total installed capacity of 2000 MW. The MacIntyre complex is divided into two wind farms, where Acciona Energia owns 70% of 923 MW, while 103 MW belong to Queensland state-owned company CleanCo. Valuation: Positive news. This is the most important project to date of all…

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Telefónica’s hybrid bond with nominal value of € 676,4 M has been accepted by 81% of investors; that of € 1.250 B by 8.9% of investors

Renta 4 | Telefónica has announced the result of its offer to buyback 2 hybrid bonds launched on November 14th. The first one, with a nominal value of 1 billion euros, a coupon of 5.5% and perpetual maturity, purchase price at Par and with 676,4 million euros of nominal value in circulation, has been accepted by investors with an aggregated nominal amount of 547,4 million, or 81% of the total….