The Implementation Of Asymmetric Sustainable Policies In Europe Could Mean The Loss Of Up To 11 M Tourists And 450,000 Jobs

Link Securities | On Monday, Iberia (IAG) chairman Javier Sánchez-Prieto warned about the implementation of asymmetric sustainable policies in Europe, which could be a drag on Spain’s tourism business, the daily Expansion reported. Specifically this could mean the loss of up to 11 million tourists and 450,000 jobs, according to Deloitte. Imposing taxes on flights within the European Union (EU) would be prejudicial for those companies which operate in the…

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Siemens Gamesa says 10-15% of projects with profitability problems related to 5.X will extend to 2024

Banc Sabadell | Siemens Gamesa CEO has assured that 10-15% of the projects with profitability problems (they would be registering losses) related to the new 5.X platform will extend to 2024. This compares with the previous estimate which put these projects’ definitive exit from the portfolio in 2023. We recall that the projects in the company’s portfolio with profitability problems linked to the 5.X platform account for some 2 billion…