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September is traditionally the worst month on average for stock markets

ATL Capital |For most people, the summer is a time for relaxing and taking a well-earned break from work. But it can also bring instability and suprises in the stock markets. While August has been a negative month for investments for the last eight years, it’s September which is traditionally the worst summertime month.


Weak Investment in the US

There are a lot of indicators which basically show that the US economy is strong, but it’s a “weak” strength, since it has been unable to maintain average growth of 2%. A weakness I see in the US economy is investment: in the second quarter it declined, which is not a sign of strength.

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The Global Investment Issue

By Jean Pisani Ferry via Caixin Investment in many advanced and emerging economies is down – except in China – but governments around the world can take steps to improve the situation.

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Bankinter expects 3Q vertigo in sound cycle

MADRID | Bankinter Analysis | 3Q Perspectives. Economic cycle speeds up and, mostly, gains soundness and reliability. Global growth will consolidate in 2014/2015 by +3%/+4% with positive news for developed countries and less favorable surprises in emerging markets. Japan and India are the exception to this rule. Spain will also amaze and main economic risk will lie in regional regional integrity issues whose aftermath may be undervalued, regardless the final scenario.

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Spain, largest European FDI receiver in 2013

MADRID | The Corner | As global confidence revives and money is in the air, more deals are expected. Foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows, which grew year-on-year to $1.45tn in 2013, will rise to $1.6tn in 2014, $1.75tn in 2015 and $1.85 tn in 2016, according to the last U.N. economic think tank UNCTAD report. Spain is one of the EU’s most benefitted recipients attracting $39 billion from vulture funds, venture capital, billionaire families, pension plans or even sovereign funds.


Spanish businessmen are the eurozone’s most investment-friendly

MADRID| By The Corner | Spain is to lead the EU economic recovery until 2018, according to Morgan Stanley. External sector, capital spending and internal demand would be the factors pushing the country’s growth. Regarding capex, Spanish businesses are the most inclined to rise their investment expenditure in manufacturing during year 2014 in order to boost production capacity. 

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Renewables in Europe triple US’ investment in shale gas

MADRID | The Corner | Head of Economics at the International Energy Agency remarked that “the investment in renewables in Europe has tripled the US’ investment in the entire shale gas production.” Prices are 20% below the right level to recover the cost of new investments due to the existence of overcapacity and subsidised prices in renewables.