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International investors reach a record high and now control 50.3% of Spanish shares

Non-resident investors increased their stake in Spanish shares to 50.3% at the end of 2022, up one and a half percentage points from the previous year and an all-time high. This is reflected in the latest Share Ownership Report prepared annually by BME’s Research Department. The weight of international investors in the Spanish stock market has grown by more than ten percentage points in the last decade and 16 so…

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With The Spanish 10-Year Bond At 2.43% Stock Markets Are Holding Up Quite Well And The Question Is Why?

J.C. Ureta (Renta 4) | A first argument would be that there has also been some good news. China has relaxed its anti-virus restrictions and seems determined to abandon the “zero Covid” policy. In addition, China’s forward PMIs, although still below 50, have improved markedly and could be back above 50 in June. It seems the Chinese government is once again concerned about growth and has understood the zero tolerance…

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Retail Investment Quadrupled In Spain At The Outbreak Of The Covid 19 Pandemic

Fernando Rodríguez | Retail investors took advantage of the sharp falls in the Spanish stock market in March 2019 to appreciably increase their positions in the sectors most affected by the crisis. This is revealed by an Analysis of the behaviour of retail investors in the financial markets during the COVID-19 crisis, prepared by CNMV technicians. “The number of transactions carried out in the first weeks of the crisis saw…

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The Number Of Investors In The Spanish Stock Market Falls By 35% In 2021

The Spanish stock market has become less attractive to investors, according to the latest data published by one of the country’s leading brokers, XTB. Despite doubling its volume of active clients in equities during 2021 compared to 2020, a clear change of trend in the Spanish market is being observed. The number of investors who only operate in the domestic market has decreased by 35% last year, while the number…


Intercity, The First Spanish Football Team To Join A Stock Market, Debuts Today On The BME Growth Index

The Board of Directors of BME Growth has approved the listing of Intercity, once all the documentation submitted by the company has been studied and a favourable evaluation report has been issued by the Market Coordination and Listing Committee. Intercity, which is the first Spanish club to be listed on a stock market, is the third company to join BME Growth since the Pre-Market Environment. This BME programme supports companies…

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Stock Market: Many Companies Are Choosing Not To Be Listed

Karl Schmedders & Patrick Reinmoeller via The Conversation| Stock markets reached all-time highs in 2021, bringing huge value to the companies riding the wave, even when you allow for the dip in recent weeks. We are also in the midst of a boom year for flotations, with many boards taking advantage of investor enthusiasm for shares. Yet companies have been delisting from the stock market in even larger numbers, and,…

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Spacs: Why Investors Fell In Love With These Stock Market Vehicles – And How The Bubble Burst

Daniele D’Alvia via The Conversation | Spacs have been around since the 1990s, but they exploded in popularity in 2020 and early 2021. This is partly because there has been more and more capital looking to make money, since bonds have been paying unattractively low interest rates, and far fewer companies are listing than in previous decades. Regulations have made traditional flotations slower and more expensive. Flotations are also traditionally underpriced on the day of listing to drum up investor interest. But a crucial advantage of Spac deals is that they are privately negotiated and avoid the risk of money being “left on the table”.

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Global Earnings – Open For Business

Aneeka Gupta (WisdomTree) | The current earnings season sheds plenty of light on the outlook for global equity markets. This time last year, the world was thrown into disarray owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we have seen lockdowns lifted as vaccination rollouts gather pace. In addition, the gradual resumption of economic activity, stimulative global fiscal plans, and the release of pent-up consumer demand are being reflected in first-quarter earnings results. As a result, the breadth of earnings revisions has been strongest in the US, followed by Japan, Europe while Emerging Markets and China are turning more neutral.

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The Spanish Stock Market, One Of The Most Undervalued In Europe. It is Trading At A 30% Discount To The MSCI Europe

T.C.| Yesterday, the Spanish stock market closed at a twelve-month high, with the selective Ibex 35 above 8,800 points. The good results of some of the companies that have already presented their first quarter figures (Santander, Repsol, Naturgy, Indra, Viscofan…) pushed the index but did not prevent, as Morgan Stanley analysts explain, “Spain continues to have negative EPS (Earnings Per Share) and DPS (Dividends Per Share) revisions relative to the market… although it continues to trade at a 30% discount to the MSCI Europe”, when “the historical average is 20%, making it one of the most undervalued countries in the region”.

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Value Or Growth Companies?

Ofelia Marín- Lozano | For some sectors there has not been a stock market crisis. However, others – banks, telecoms, oil,… – have in nine months gone from trading at 19x PER to trading at less than 5x. If everything returns to ‘normal,’ this does not seem sustainable. As a example, in Spain, for the price of the largest retailer (Inditex), we have the two largest banks (Santander and BBVA), the largest insurance company (Mapfre) or the largest oil company (Repsol).