Indra To Equip The 38 German Eurofigthers

Indra has signed contracts worth €100 million to equip the 38 Eurofighters the German Ministry of Defence has acquired as part of the Quadriga programme, with the latest generation systems that will ensure the aircraft’s superiority for decades to come. The firm will develop and produce, in consortium with German sensor supplier Hensoldt, the new ESCAN Mk1 electronically scanning radar.

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The Government, Good Governance And The Indra Case

Fernando González Urbaneja | The government’s contempt for the forms and procedures it imposes on other market players is insulting. And what is the CNMV doing?
The government, the Moncloa, has imposed a change in the chairmanship of INDRA, a listed company in which the state controls 19%, without explanation or justification…


Should SEPI Launch A Takeover Bid For INDRA?

Fernando González Urbaneja | The INDRA case, the socialist government’s interest in occupying the company’s presidency by force, is indicative of a way of understanding public management and exercising power. “Because you are who you are”, that is, because I have the power and I feel like it. SEPI (the Treasury, the government, the PSOE-PSC) has a stake of just under 20% in INDRA that goes back a long way,…


The Spanish Government Wants To Oust Indra’s Chairman, Replacing Him With A Man Closer to PSOE

The Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales, Indra’s main shareholder (with 18% and two representatives on the board) has asked not to re-elect the group’s executive chairman, Fernando Abril Martorell, whose term of office ends this year. According to the Madrid press, it is proposing as a replacement Marc Murtra, an industrial engineer whose career has mainly been spent in public management. He was managing director of, director of Joan…

Indra Rail Baltica

Indra Will Design Part Of The Railway Line That Will Join The Baltic Countries With The European Network

Prointec, Indra’s civil engineering subsidiary, will participate in the largest railway infrastructure project in Europe, Rail Baltica. This is a rail network for passengers and goods linking the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-t). In consortium with German engineering consultancy Obermeyer Planen + Beraten GmbH, it will design a 93.5 km section of the works for a total of €10.8 M.

Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Europe

Indra will coordinate future European combat aircraft project

Renta 4 | Indra (IDR) has been designated as national coordinator of the FCAS programme, the future European combat  aircraft. It is the major joint European defence project so far and the most ambitious in terms of technology development.

Indra's digital transformation unit Minsait

Indra Gives Boost To European Laboratory For Smart Cities

Indra’s digital transformation unit Minsait is giving a new boost to the construction of solutions with great innovative content in the realm of smart cities through its participation in the European R&D program Smart Cyber Physical Systems Engineering (CPSE) Labs.