Brazil’s Caixa Económica Federal hires Indra to trim costs

MADRID | Spanish technology corporation Indra signed two contracts with Brazil’s Caixa Económica Federal. Indra will provide communication system services for an estimated €37 million during a period of four years. The contracts include specialised technical services for the development and maintenance of information technology programmes related to product portfolio in loans and financing and risk management. Caixa Económica Federal, one of the largest banks in Brazil, is also the largest…


Indra will provide control systems to Hispasat’s Amazonas-3 satellite

MADRID | Indra has been awarded this August a contract by Hispasat to develop and implement the ground control systems that will manage the new Amazonas-3 communications satellite. This satellite, which will be located at the Brazilian orbital position 61º West, will be launched into space in the second half of the year. Indra has collaborated closely with Hispasat for approximately 20 years. Over this time, it has implemented the…