Italy gives green light to Benetton’s bid for Atlantia: one of the initial accords could be the transfer of its 15% stake in Hochtief

Intermoney | The Italian government has decided not to oppose the bid launched for Atlantia by the Benettons and Blackstone, according to the daily Cinco Dias. In theory, the Italian executive could have invoked the special powers it still has over Atlantia and other strategic sectors. However it has declined to do so. The price of the bid is 23 euros in cash, which values the concessionary at some 19…

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Inditex: recent progress encourages a recovery of confidence unblocking the stock in the short-term

CdM |Inditex (ITX)’s first quarter results released on Wednesday beat expectations; the net profit figure reflects the provision for the suspension of activity in Russia and the Ukraine. Main figures compared with Bloomberg consensus: Sales 6.742 billion euros (+36.4%) vs 6.237 billion expected. Gross Margin 4.054 billion euros (+36.9%) vs 3.713 billion (e). This means a margin of 60.1% vs 59.9% in Q1 2021 and 59.5% expected. EBITDA 1.917 billion…