The New Abengoa Puts 24 Subsidiaries Up For Sale; Considers Requesting State Aid To Stay Afloat

This operation will serve as compensation for the creditors and suppliers who will assume the removal and capitalization of Abengoa debt. The companies up for sale should be transferred within a year. Most of them are projects which have had the “for sale” sign on them for a while, and their valuation has deteriorated. In 2019, the 10 main assets had a net book value of €1.557 Bn and a negative impact compared to 2018 of €118 M. This is in line with the restructuring agreement approved on August 6.

Sabadell Is Considering Options To Defend Itself From The Effects Of The Caixabank-Bankia Merger

Banco Sabadell has been left hanging after the announcement of the merger between Bankia and CaixaBank. For months there had been talk of a combination of Sabadell and Bankia as the most promising concentration operation in the sector. Now, however, this possibility has vanished and the Catalan bank would be assessing different options to protect its interests.

Naturgy Increases Its Current Presence In Australia By More Than 50% With Two New Contracts

Naturgy signed last week with Snowy Hydro its first energy sales contract with a retailer in Australia to build a 218 MW wind farm in Victoria. Some days later, the company has increased its presence in the country with the award by the Australian Capital Territory of 107 MW wind farm and a battery energy storage system of 20 MWh. With both operations, Naturgy doubles its presence in the region, reaching a renewable capacity of near 600 MW and becoming the Top-3 independent wind energy producer.

Best Month For Commodities In Over 4 Years

In August 2020, commodities had their best monthly performance since April 2016 and second-best monthly performance in the past decade (based on the Bloomberg Commodity Total Return Index). Each major segment of commodities contributed positively to the strong performance, led by Energy (+11.2%). Natural gas was the best performer in that segment, with a 47.6% gain.

Veolia Moves In For Suez : Win/Win

Veolia’s proposal for a timely and transformative combination with Suez could lay the foundation for accelerated growth. Analysts at BoA Global Research think stakeholder interests are aligned and that a mutually attractive deal scenario is now more likely than not. A growing ESG thematic tailwind adds to the appeal and we upgrade Veolia to Buy.

Bankia And Caixabank Will Create The Largest Bank In Spain, Streets Ahead Of BBVA And Santander

Bankia and Caixabank have communicated that they are at a preliminary talks stage for a possible merger that would be carried out through an exchange of shares. For the time being, no agreement has been reached. The merger would create a lender with total assets of €664 Bn (according to data from Q2’20). So it would be the leading Spanish bank by volume of assets. It would combine a network of offices (including those of CaixaBank’s Portuguese subsidiary) with 6,700 branches and staff of over 51,000.


A Moment In Markets – Was It A Shift In Sentiment?

Mobeen Tahir, Associate Director, Research, WisdomTree | On Tuesday, 11 August, gold fell by over 5% and silver retreated nearly 15% prompting investors to wonder if there had been a material shift in market sentiment. Are defensive hedges no longer required? How important are gold and silver as risk sentiment improves? A glance towards the wider market, and indeed economic fundaments, can help answer these questions.