Angela Merkel, A Chancellor Difficult To Replace

Over the weekend in Germany, the CDU elected Angela Merkel’s replacement as head of the party. They bet on continuity with the election of the moderate Armin Laschet. For the first time in Germany’s history, the person who occupies the chancellor’s office is leaving voluntarily. And she does so with the respect and recognition of her opponents and successors, both in the CDU and in the government.

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Biden Gains Advantage, Trump Doesn’t Give Up… The Court Battle Is Guaranteed

The election count is continuing and the chances of the Democrat candidate reaching the White House are increasing. Although with a much tighter result than the polls predicted, Joe Biden wins in the key states of Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as being ahead in Arizona and Nevada. The latest recount gives Biden 264 and Trump 214. Despite the result, Donald Trump is announcing he will file several complaints in these key states, demanding new recounts and threatening to go to the Supreme Court.