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500 Public Works, Worth Over 230 million Euros, Have Been Left Abandoned Because They Do Not Take Into Account Increase In Price Of Materials

The National Construction Confederation (CNC) warns that the public tenders that are being abandoned in Spain already exceed 230 million euros, as stated in the report that the employers’ association has presented with data broken down by territory. In total, almost 500 deserted works have been identified. Of these, the most affected would be Catalonia, where the hole due to the 200 abandoned tenders amounts to more than 50 million…

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Repeal Of Labour Reform, Mere Appearances

Fernando González Urbaneja | Pedro Sánchez has promised in some ad hoc forums to repeal the labour reform, although in other forums he has argued the opposite in order to point to a revision of the Workers’ Statute taking into account the new labour frameworks of the 21st century.