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Repsol hikes renewables construction to 7.500 Mw in 2025

Renta 4 | Repsol has 2.000 Mw of renewable projects under construction, of which approximately 59% are located in Spain, 35% in the US and 6% in Chile. The company wants to hike its renewable energy generation to 7.500 Mw to 2025. The Spanish oil and gas firm is developing a new photovoltaic energy plant in Villena, with an installed capacity of 300 Mw. Whatsmore, the company is continuing to…

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The Right Wing Takes Over The Government In Italy

The coalition of conservatives, post-fascists and populists, led by Giorgia Meloni, won 44% of the votes in both Congress and the Senate, with 96% of the votes counted. “It is the time of responsibility, we will govern for all Italians”, said the very possible future prime minister after an election with a historic abstention rate. With a turnout of 63.9%, Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia had 26.2% of the vote, Enrico…