Isabel Perez Nivela

“In London You Almost Have To Apologise For Having A Dominical Chairwoman”

Fernando Rodríguez López de Andújar | Isabel perez Nivela is vice-president for legal affairs at Coca Cola European Partners, the bottling company that last year had a turnover of 10.6 billion euros (-11%) and was already listed in Amsterdam. so “taking advantage of brexit, which forces us to have a European market of reference, we have domiciled (Coca-Cola EP) in Amsterdam, whose stock exchange is quadrupling its business volumes since the brexit agreement. Amsterdam also has other prerogatives for long-term shareholders, such as allowing loyalty shares and other corporate governance issues that are not allowed in london. there you almost have to apologise for having a dominical chairwoman, even if she is appointed by a shareholder with more than 30% of the capital”.

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Spanish electricity market

Another New Normal: Nuclear Shutdown In Spain Will Trigger Electricity Price Volatility

José Salmerón (Intermoney) | Two years ago, the government agreed with the companies that own nuclear power plants for their phased closing. The first result of this on the Spanish electricity market will be the disappearance of a base power generation in all hours of the year and that in 2020 accounted for 23.6% of electricity demand. In addition, the energy sold at a price below the marginal cost of the market will be radically reduced and the price may rise as never seen before in the daily generation market.