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Naturgy “Freezes” The Price Of Electricity At €60 MWh

Naturgy, the third Spanish electricity company in terms of number of customers, behind Endesa and Iberdrola, is freezing electricity tariffs at the levels they were before the price hikes. This is to prevent users from suffering the uncontrolled increases the market is experiencing. To this end, from 15 September, it is offering to apply a cap of 60 euros per megawatt hour to all customers currently on regulated tariffs. Beyond…

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Next Big Financial Crisis Could Be Triggered By Climate Change – Central Banks Can Prevent It

Garth Heutel, Givi Melkadze & Stefano Carattini via The Conversation | In 2008, as big banks began failing across Wall Street and the housing and stock markets crashed, the nation saw how crucial financial regulation is for economic stability – and how quickly the consequences can cascade through the economy when regulators are asleep at the wheel. Today, there’s another looming economic risk: climate change. Once again, how much it harms economies will depend a lot on how financial regulators and central banks react.