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Virgin galactic

Virgin Galactic: Space Tourism Takes off with Branson’s inaugural flight

Louis Brennan via The Conversation | With British billionaire Sir Richard Branson’s successful flight to the edge of space, he and his company Virgin Galactic have firmly established themselves in the history books as space tourism pioneers. While not the first tourist to enter space, 70-year-old Branson is the first to make his journey with a commercial spaceflight company, marking a giant leap for the space tourism industry being championed by some of the world’s most famous billionaires.


Casado Needs An Advisor

Fernando G. Urbaneja | The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, is floundering as head of the opposition between the harsh discourse (with one eye on VOX) and the responsible one, with the other eye on Moncloa. He wants to appear as a reliable leader to govern, but also as a tough guy in the face of his adversaries. And little by little, he is sliding more towards the latter…

The year of US infrastructures

When Old Infrastructure Ages

John Plassard (Mirabaud) | America’s infrastructure has long been infamous for its poor state. But it has final dawned on the country that something needs to be done. US President Joe Biden announced in mid-June that a bipartisan group of senators had reached consensus on a bill that would allocate $579 billion to spending on infrastructure. review of data by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the US Army Corps of Engineers shows how America’s infrastructure has aged. In its latest report on U.S. infrastructure, the ASCE put the average age of levees and dams to be 50 and 57 years old, respectively, meaning they are at or beyond their expected service age.


Cellnex Buys Poland’s Polkomtel For €1.6 Billion

Cellnex has closed the purchase of 99.99% of Polkomtel Infrastruktura, the Polish telecommunications infrastructure subsidiary of Cyfrowy Polsat. The investment is for €1.6 Bn, which will go with an additional deployment programme of up to 1,500 sites.Cellnex, which with this transaction makes Poland one of its main markets, will invest a further €600 M over the next 10 years in active equipment, mostly for 5G deployment.

EU regions

EU Funding For Cross-Border Regions Needs Better Focus

The European Territorial Cooperation programme (Interreg) is a long-standing instrument of EU cohesion policy aimed at encouraging economic growth in border areas. According to a report from the European Court of Auditors (ECA), the cooperation programmes financed through Interreg had clear strategies for tackling existing cross-border challenges. However, several weaknesses in the implementation of the Interreg programmes and in their monitoring limited the potential to unlock the capacity of the adjacent regions they covered.Interreg’s total budget for the 2014-2020 programme period was €10.1 billion. Over €6 billion was used to finance projects associated with internal borders.


Indra To Equip The 38 German Eurofigthers

Indra has signed contracts worth €100 million to equip the 38 Eurofighters the German Ministry of Defence has acquired as part of the Quadriga programme, with the latest generation systems that will ensure the aircraft’s superiority for decades to come. The firm will develop and produce, in consortium with German sensor supplier Hensoldt, the new ESCAN Mk1 electronically scanning radar.

ECB bonds

ECB Raises The Bar For Normalisation In The Short-Run, Flexibility Is The Key For Policy

Monex Europe | Today’s announcement by the European Central Bank can be perceived as net dovish in the short-term by markets, as the shift from an asymmetric target to a new symmetric 2% inflation target gives the central bank ample room to run accommodative monetary policy for longer without having to fight markets. Previously, the ECB’s inflation target was set at “below, but close to 2%”, which contributed to the eurozone’s structural issues with low inflation for years. By changing this target to a symmetric target, which means any undershoots and overshoots would be equally undesirable, the central bank moves the bar slightly upwards for inflation before policy is required to tighten.

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Spain: Business Start-Ups Reach Their Highest Figure Since 2007

Last May, 9,570 new companies were created in Spain, the highest figure for a month of May since 2007, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE). This was more than double the number created in May 2020. That said, INE recalls that in May last year the number of companies incorporated, which increased capital or were dissolved “was exceptionally low” due to the declaration of the first state…

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The Oil Industry Is Under Pressure, In A Process Of Transformation With A High Impact On The Global Scenario

Portocolom | Oil rose to the highest level in more than six years in New York (78 USD/bl) after the OPEC meeting failed to agree on a production increase. The United Arab Emirates rejected a proposed eight-month extension of production limits. The most immediate effect of the rupture is that OPEC and its allies will not increase production by August and this will deprive the global economy of vital additional…

Repsol's bet on alternative energies

Bank Of Montreal Has A 3.4% Stake In Repsol

Bank of Montreal informed the CNMV on Monday that it holds a total of 3.467% of the voting rights of Repsol (REP). However, it does not specify whether this is in its own name or in the name of third parties, nor the average acquisition price. This stake would make it the fifth largest shareholder after Sacyr, with 8.2%, JP Morgan with 6.8%, BlackRock with 5% and Amundi with 4.5%….