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Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo was born in Niefang, Equatorial Guinea, in 1950. Writer, journalist and political exile. He was correspondent and delegate of Spanish EFE agency in central Africa (1987-1995). Director of the Center for African Studies at the University of Murcia (2000-2004). Visiting Professor at the University of Missouri-Columbia (United States, 2005-2008). Regular lecturer on American, African and European universities. He is the author of the essays "History and tragedy of Equatorial Guinea" (1977), "Anthology of Guinean literature" (1984) and co-author of "Spain in Guinea" (1998) as well as of three novels translated into several languages. Mr Ndongo is a regular contributor for Spanish media such as El País, ABC, Mundo Negro and The Corner’s print magazine Consejeros, among others.
The media’s portrayal of Africa reconsidered

Perverse conservationism

Donato Ndongo | In December, the European Parliament condemned the expulsion of Maasai communities from their centuries-old territory. The unprecedented resolution calls for respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, a “non-negotiable prerequisite” for any conservation initiative. The resolution, adopted unanimously, follows repeated reports of the Tanzanian government’s vicious harassment of the Maasai, determined to drive them out of the Serengeti plains, their natural habitat. Greedy Western tourism developers and…


Apologies Or Reparations?

Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo | Tanzania also wants reparations from Germany for the atrocities carried out between 1905 and 1907. “Other countries have been compensated for war crimes. Why not us?, said MP Cosato Chumi. ​Berlin acknowledges the genocide but it doesn’t want to pay reparations and it is trying to agree some formal apology with Windhoek (Namibia). Ruprecht Polenz, the German negotiator says genocide does not imply reparations, only political and moral redress. In Dodoma (Tanzania), the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas proposed “forms of mutual support” other than “compensation.” Given the concern of other former empires and the necessary paradigm shift in Euro-African relations, Merkel is in two minds about opening this Pandora’s box. 

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Immigration as pretext

Donato Ndongo Bidyogo | Many warn that the frivolous treatment of the migration problem will cause the “rejection effect”, with intolerance growing and the increase of racism and xenophobia, fertiliser for supremacist theories and Nazi practices.

John Madu Salty Before 4pm series 2018. Acrylic on canvas 67x76 cm. Image courtesy of the artist and HAART 958x559

Looted art

Donato Ndongo Bidyogo | 85% or 90% of Africa’s cultural patrimony is found outside the continent. Some 88,000 works in France alone.

Climate change


Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo | It is today unquestionable that containing the natural deterioration of our planet requires actions, not just words.

The second Reich: From these events comes today's realities

The Second Reich: From These Events Comes Today’s Realities

The crimes of the III Reich, product of Adolf Hitler, still horrify. But no-one remembers the II Reich, whose Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, is no less execrable than his successor, at least outside Europe. We can thank proofs like “Guilt and Debt” of the German Dierk Schmidt, exhibited at the Velazquez Palace (Madrid) until 10 March.

One of Chaplin's most celebrated impersonations

Humor as subversion

Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo | George Orwell used to say that “jokes are small revolutions”. What self-respecting autocrat does not have his collection of jokes? Franco, Stalin, Hitler… Simple scape valve of fears and hopes, this modest revenge helps to cope with the absurdity that life can become.

The death of Nancy Motsamai

The Death Of Nancy

It happened in 2018, not in 1818. Nancy fainted in the main airport in London as she was being expelled from the country. Far from helping her, the police accused her of faking her illness to avoid deportation. Five days later she died.

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Europe: A club for the old

Donato Ndongo | The Old Continent will soon be the continent of the old. With families ever less structure and birth rates falling, we should ask if countries without children and with single person households have a future.

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Global famine is a scandal, but it’s not news

Donato Ndongo | We know the Earth produces enough food to feed its 7.5 million inhabitants. But 11% of them die every year due to famine or a lack of drinkable water. So 815 million people, including 5.6 million children.