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Europe’s second wave

Europe’s virus resurgence weighs on growth momentum: a sharp rise in virus cases has dampened European growth momentum, with the Euro area composite PMI new orders declining from a peak of 53 in July to 50 in September, following the sharp rebound from a trough of 14 in April. Weaker domestic growth momentum, in combination with uncertainty on US fiscal stimulus and rising real bond yields, has led the Stoxx 600 to decline by 5% over the past week to a two-month low of 355.

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Economy policy in difficult times: the risk of trying to drive the economy back to the peak of the cycle

BoE: “We Continue To Expect A £75bn Extension Of QE In November”

The Bank of England (BoE) left policy on hold at its latest meeting. Bank Rate remained at 0.1% and the Asset Purchase Facility (APF) was left at £745bn. Both decisions were made unanimously. The BoE explained that the APF had risen to £684bn to date, buoyed by £230bn in gilt purchases and £9.3bn (of £10bn) corporate debt purchases. The current QE programme is expected to expire around the turn of the year and purchases have been lower than in Q2 given the improvement in liquidity conditions.