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US, Australia and UK seek to add Japan to Aukus strategic military alliance to share advanced defence technologies

Banca March: Aukus is a strategic military alliance between three countries in the Anglo-sphere: Australia, the UK and the US. The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are seeking to add Japan to their strategic alliance known as Aukus. Initially, this strategic military alliance between the three countries was intended to help Australia acquire nuclear-powered submarines and, unofficially, to counter China’s power in the Indo-Pacific region. However, prior to…

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China-Russia trade ties enhanced in response to Western sanctions

Alicia García herrero (Natixis) | During the past fifteen months after the outbreak of the Ukraine war, China and Russia’s trade value increased by 36.5% compared to pre-war levels, showing their much-enhanced ties in merchandise trade. Meanwhile, in addition to the upswing of the headline amount, some new patterns in their trade structure are also worth watching. For example, Russia has moved up rapidly in the rank of China’s external…