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Three Policy Differences For Investors To Watch In The US Presidential Race

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have pronounced policy differences on corporate taxes, energy and US-China trade, but generally similar views around drug pricing, large-cap tech firms and infrastructure investment. As the US presidential election draws closer, the race is tightening between both candidates. While much is at stake in this election cycle, the three policy areas noted above could have a large impact on the markets and portfolio allocations, warns Allianz GI.

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Eating Alone

Keith Godfrey | “You eat alone, you choke” is an ancient proverb with origins lost in the mists of time. In Mafia circles it expresses their family centred, ruthless sense of unity and purpose and celebrates tight-knit self-propelling interest. And yet, as we know even in the best regulated Mafia families every now and then those interests can pull in different directions. When that happens, the family member breaking ranks is said to “eating alone”. The implication is that bad things will soon follow. And worst of all, whether from lack of protection or because of overzealous protection from outside parties, eating alone makes for bad business.