World politics

Political Polarisation: The Phenomenon That Should Be On Everyone’s Lips

Javier García Arenas (Caixabank Research) | Society has become notably more polarised in recent years. In the US, this manifests itself through a wider gap between the views of Republican and Democrat voters. In Europe, we have identified an increase in disagreements over fundamental issues such as immigration and European integration. Political parties have also become more polarised in advanced economies, most notably in the last decade.

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Biden Wins – Experts On What It Means For Race Relations, US Foreign Policy And The Supreme Court

The Conversation | The American public has had its say and for the first time in a generation denied a sitting president a second term. President’s Trump’s tenure lasted just four years, but in that time he dragged policy on an array of key issues in a dramatic new direction. Joe Biden’s victory presents an opportunity to reset the White House agenda and put it on a different course. Three scholars discuss what a Biden presidency may have in store in three key areas: race, the Supreme Court and foreign policy.