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Economists See Ray of Hope for Political Situation in Almost All Regions of the World

IFO Insitute | The assessment of the political situation improved worldwide in the second quarter of 2022 according to the latest Economic Experts Survey (EES) – a global quarterly survey conducted by the IFO Institute and the Swiss Economic Policy Institute – which this time had 1,795 participants from 127 countries. At plus 10 points, they assessed political stability worldwide as significantly better than in the previous quarter. “Despite energy…

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Political Polarisation: The Phenomenon That Should Be On Everyone’s Lips

Javier García Arenas (Caixabank Research) | Society has become notably more polarised in recent years. In the US, this manifests itself through a wider gap between the views of Republican and Democrat voters. In Europe, we have identified an increase in disagreements over fundamental issues such as immigration and European integration. Political parties have also become more polarised in advanced economies, most notably in the last decade.