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Trump At The UN: A Failure To Lead

Ian McCredie | True to himself, US President Donald Trump completely failed to address any of the issues confronting the global community in his keynote speech to the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations. Instead, he used the platform to criticize China, to excoriate Iran, to boast of how big and dangerous the US military has become, and to urge every nation to close its borders to even the most hungry or persecuted migrants.

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President Trump And His Wife Have Tested Positive For COVID-19… Election Uncertainty Ramps Up

The symbolism of President Trump testing positive for coronavirus will not be lost on market participants and economists. Many things – from US-China relations, post-election tax policy, the US’s relationship with global institutions, trade, climate change progress, social cohesion in the US –depend on how a 74-year old man reacts to getting a virus that has claimed over a million lives globally this year

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Trump And Biden Clash In Chaotic Debate – Experts React On The Court, Race And Election Integrity

The Conversation | President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden took part in a presidential debate Sept. 29 that exemplified the lack of civility in American politics. The president frequently interrupted and spoke over his challenger, Biden told Trump to “shut up,” and few issues were discussed in enough depth to provide much information to undecided voters. We asked three scholars to discuss themes brought up by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News, who struggled throughout the debate to keep control.

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US Presidential Elections: 54 Days To Go And First Debate Between Trump And Biden

The first TV debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be hold today.It will not be decisive, but it will have its importance. Joe Biden leads in the polls in most of the swing states and should benefit from a higher mail-in voting. “For historical or sociological reasons, many states always lean the same way. Thus the result hinges on the dozen swing states where the gap between the two sides is narrow and results in alternating victories between the Republicans and Democrats”, explain experts at ODDO BHF.


Apologies Or Reparations?

Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo | Tanzania also wants reparations from Germany for the atrocities carried out between 1905 and 1907. “Other countries have been compensated for war crimes. Why not us?, said MP Cosato Chumi. ​Berlin acknowledges the genocide but it doesn’t want to pay reparations and it is trying to agree some formal apology with Windhoek (Namibia). Ruprecht Polenz, the German negotiator says genocide does not imply reparations, only political and moral redress. In Dodoma (Tanzania), the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas proposed “forms of mutual support” other than “compensation.” Given the concern of other former empires and the necessary paradigm shift in Euro-African relations, Merkel is in two minds about opening this Pandora’s box. 

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The US Presidential Campaign Heats Up

François Rimeu (La Française AM) | Let us consider some of the main features of Joe Biden’s project: raise taxes on corporations, from 21% to 28%, and wealthy households; increase the minimum wage (from $7.5 to $15 an hour); provide $1,700bn in funding for infrastructure and Green New Deal. In the event of a Biden win, there would no doubt be less political tension across the world, which would be positive.



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Why India and China Are Fighting Right Now

Esther M. Sit | The border clash between China and India has made the headlines of international news. On May 5, troops from both countries confronted each other on the banks of Pangong Lake in Ladakh, the northernmost region of India. Four days later, they squared off in North Sikkim, an area of India that lies between Nepal and Bhutan.


The Gap Between The US Stock Market And The Real Economy Has Increased Sharply Due To Covid19

Last week there were sharp falls in the stock markets (-4%/-5% in Europe, -6%/-7% in the US), with the biggest drops since March. In a context of a significant disconnection between prices and fundamentals after the sharp rises from the March lows, which were discounting an unlikely “V” recovery, these downward moves seem logical. Also the upward excesses, which until last week were the protagonists. Our correspondent in Washington, Pablo Pardo, analyses this stock market and economic chaos.

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The Crisis of Presidentiality in the US

Peter Isackson | Can the oligarchs in Wall Street and Washington — a class that Trump himself belongs to despite his continuing to play the outsider — bring back some semblance of order in the face of growing discontent? Are there any imaginable reforms they could agree to and which the malcontents could accept? Or can they find some kind of improvised fix just to survive until the elections? The nation awaits a “presidential” response.