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Lidia Conde
She studied journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Since 1991, Lidia lives and works in Germany as a correspondent for several Spanish newspapers, in which she has covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification. Seeking an answer to how Europe could become competitive and fair, too.
Herman Simon

“I Hope That The New German Government’s Climate Change Plan Is Realistic”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | Herman Simon, founder of Simon-Kucher & Partners, is best known for his 30 books, translated into 26 languages. His works on pricing and price management have become classics in the academic world. According to Manager Magazin, he is the world’s foremost pricing expert. Q: There will probably be a red-green cabinet supported by the Liberals. What do you expect from the new government “in the Chinese…

Christoph M. Schmidt

“The Rapid Recuperation In World Trade Has Already Enabled Industry to Almost Completely Recover”

Lidia Conde (Francfort) | Christoph Schmidt, chairman of the Franco-German economic think tank for the past year – when he stepped down as chairman of the council of wise men advising the Berlin government – makes no secret of his concerns: “Both the European Green Deal and the Next Generation EU nourish the hope that Europe will emerge stronger from this crisis in the end. But between the EU’s ambitious plans and the final success, the final results, there is a long way to go. And on that road, member states will have to undertake the structural reforms that will increase their long-term growth potential and show their readiness to return to compliance with the stability and growth pact, with the debt rules”.

Germany, today, is dependent on China

The Illusion Of Wealth In Germany: Rich Country, Poor Country

Lidia Conde | The Germans are champions at saving money. In 2020, 330 billion euros. But 41% of citizens have less than 10,000 euros of wealth. Per household, the median wealth amounted (median) to 119,100 euros in Spain, 132,200 in Italy, 117,900 in France and 71,100 in Germany. In the eurozone, 99,400. These are ECB data.

Merkel Laschet

Angela Merkel, A Chancellor Difficult To Replace

Lidia Conde | Over the weekend in Germany, the CDU elected Angela Merkel’s replacement as head of the party. They bet on continuity with the election of the moderate Armin Laschet. For the first time in Germany’s history, the person who occupies the chancellor’s office is leaving voluntarily. And she does so with the respect and recognition of her opponents and successors, both in the CDU and in the government.

Mark Hallberg

“There Will Be A ‘Biden Spring’, With A Vaccine And A Recovery, But The Economic Boom Will Take Longer”

Lidia Conde | According to the US political scientist Mark Hallberg, “in bilateral relations (US/EU) there will be no automatic return to Obama’s policy. In trade relations I do not expect a new version of the trade treaty, nor a further version of the TTIP. But the tone will be better… I hope, for example, that Biden and Macron will get along. They have a similar world view.” Hallberg is currently Dean and Professor of Public Management and Political Economy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

germany prusian flag

Populism In Germany Is Becoming Increasingly Unpopular

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | Are there many? Or just a few? One in five Germans believes in populist arguments or has ideas which go against the system or the elite or pluralism. Two years ago, it was one in three. According to a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation, populism is less and less popular. However, watching thousands of people demonstrating against the anti-pandemic restrictions in a country which is a model in containing the pandemic, one wonders if Germany has not gone completely mad.

EU Germany together

A More European Germany Than Ever Presiding Over Europe

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | Germany takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union Council from July. The other member states’ expectations are high. All the dimensions of the health, social and economic impact of the coronavirus are still unknown. But we know that the consequences could be immense. All together to relaunch Europe” is the German Presidency’s motto and one which is not just words. Germany and its Chancellor Angela Merkel are committed to it.

A renewed German embrace of realpolitik would allow the EU as a whole to tackle the big questions facing it clear-eyed

Germany Reinvents Itself And Bets On Europe And High Tech

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) |  German corporations are highlighting the risks of the global distribution of work, their weakness in the face of global value chains. Will work and production return to Europe, to Germany? It’s not clear. The pandemic has led to unprecedented reactions and almost unconditional support for Europe. It’s a way of helping yourself. Germany is expecting the worst recession since World War II, with the economy declining by up to 8% in 2020.

Germany: what will happen with the German middle class

Germany: What will happen to the middle class

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | The fourth globalization now punishes the German middle class, which perceives how the revolution accelerates and introduces new elements such as the competence of Indian computer experts operating from home: they do not need to emigrate to work.

forest drone view winter

Germany: shall we save the climate or the economy?

Lidia Conde (Frankfurt) | What do we save, the climate or the economy, at a moment when globalisation is accelerating, impacting above all on the middle class? What is the third way in this stage of history when artificial intelligence and automation is creating ever more social conflict? Germany is debating the future.