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Eurozone inflation rises one tenth of a percentage point to 7% in April

The year-on-year inflation rate in the Euro area accelerated by one tenth of a percentage point in April compared with the previous month, reaching 7%, compared with 6.9% in March, while in the European Union (EU) as a whole, prices eased to 8.1% from 8.3% in March, accumulating five months of moderation, according to data published by Eurostat. Among EU countries, the lowest year-on-year inflation rates were recorded in Luxembourg…

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BBVA falls more than 4% on stock market after uncertain elections in Turkey

Capital Madrid | The Turkish bet of the former BBVA president, Francisco González (currently indicted in court for the conspiracy to spy on politicians, businessmen, and private individuals), has not stopped growing, even after several recent incidents of corruption. Political instability, terrorism, and excessive volatility are reducing its profitability to a minimum. On the semi-holiday stock market day yesterday, Monday 15 May (Madrid was celebrating the day of its patron…


EU backtracks on veto on fund sales commissions

Banca March : According to press reports, a provisional draft is circulating that suggests Brussels is backtracking on plans to ban asset managers and insurers from paying financial advisers for recommending their investment products. The aim of the ban was, according to Brussels, to eliminate any conflict of interest and to improve the outcome for the end-investor but it now appears that the measure will not be implemented, limiting the…

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German inflation falls to 7.2 per cent in April from 7.4 per cent in March

CoM| Headline inflation in Germany fell to 7.2% year-on-year in April from 7.4% in March, matching the consensus forecast and the first estimate. The harmonised rate declined by 0.2 p.p. to 7.6%, also in line with the first estimate and the consensus. The underlying rate, which excludes energy and food, remained at 5.8 per cent. “The inflation rate has weakened for the second month in a row, but remains at…

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Philip Lane (ECB) says still “plenty of momentum in food prices”

Link Securities | European Central Bank (ECB) chief economist, Ireland’s Philip Lane, said in a recent speech that there is still plenty of momentum in food prices and core inflation. He also noted that real wages have fallen as inflation has outpaced wages in recent years, but that he believes real wages will recover in the coming years. In this regard, Lane said that he sees wage inflation peaking this…

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Germany’s industrial production falls more than expected in March

Bankinter : Industrial Production falls more than expected in March. The year-on-year rate remains positive On a month-on-month basis, Industrial Production fell by -3.4% in March versus -1.5% year-on-year and +2.1% year-on-year. On a year-on-year basis, it remains positive +1.8% from +0.7% year-on-year. Assessment: The rapid rise in global interest rates is affecting the demand for industrial goods in Germany. The same trend was evident in Germany’s March Factory Orders…

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Eurozone final services PMIs revised slightly downwards, except for Germany

Bankinter : Eurozone Services PMIs (final) have been revised slightly downwards, with the exception of Germany. These indicators have had little impact on the market and reflect what was known already. Services PMIs, which account for around 2/3 of GDP, remained comfortably in the expansion zone (>50 points), reflecting the strength of consumption in Europe In particular, the services PMI was revised down by four tenths to 56.2, which lowered…

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Volkswagen sales reach €76,198m (+21.5%) in 1Q23, while BMW’s total €36,853m 8 (-64%)

Norbolsa | Volkswagen yesterday posted sales and operating profit above consensus expectations, €76,198M (+21.5%) against €72,300M estimated and €4,730M (versus -29.9% year-on-year) as opposed to €4,076M, respectively, mainly driven by volume, strong pricing and product mix. Geographically, growth was largely attributable to strong growth in Europe and NAFTA, while on the negative side, deliveries in China declined by -14.5%. Meanwhile, BMW released its 1Q23 results, coming in above consensus expectations….


ECB: the APP reinvestments will stop in July

Annalisa Piazza (MFS IM) | The ECB announced today its decision to hike policy rates by 25bp after hiking by 50bp at its March meeting. Inflation is high and pushing it down to its 2% target in the medium term remains the ECB top priority. However, a slower pace of hiking was not a surprise as current levels of rates are already in restrictive territory and the economic picture for…

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Eurozone preliminary April CPI rises to 7% from 6.9%, core falls to 5.6% vs. 5.7% previously

Link Securities | Eurostat published on Tuesday that, according to the preliminary estimate of the data, the Eurozone consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.7% in the month of April compared to March. In the year-on-year rate, the Eurozone CPI rose in April, also according to the preliminary reading of the index, by 7.0% compared to 6.9% in March, which was expected by the analysts’ consensus. In April energy prices rose…