PP renews absolute majority in Galicia, PSOE loses third of seats

AlfonsoRuedaAlfonso Rueda of the PP re-elected President of Galicia

For her part, the vice-president of the Government and leader of Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, obtained 4.4% of the votes in her town (Fene) and did not win a single deputy in the regional assembly, so the memes ran last night through the social networks: “Sumar and Podemos double their results to the previous elections: In the previous elections they got nothing, and in these, nothing at all”. Nor did the far-right Vox achieve parliamentary representation in Galicia.

With a historic turnout (67.3% of the electorate), the PP won 40 seats in yesterday’s Galician elections out of the 75 in dispute and revalidated its fifth consecutive absolute majority in Galicia, losing two seats despite increasing the number of votes obtained by more than 70,000, up to 700,000.

The BNG, a nationalist party that identifies itself as “Marxist-Leninist”, took advantage of the debacle of the Spanish left and won 25 seats, 6 more than in the previous legislature with 467,000 votes. The PSOE, which had 14 deputies, is left with 9, with 207,000 votes, the worst result in its history, and a local party, Democracia Ourensana, has managed to enter the Galician Parliament with one deputy and 15,000 votes.

The winner of the elections, Alfonso Rueda, was clear in his first speech after his victory: “We do not want blackmail here. Nor do we want to be subjected to it. We do not want privileges, nor to be less or more than anyone else. We are a land of understanding and we must continue to be so” and he claimed that he will govern for all Galicians, also for those who have not voted for him against those “who build walls” in a clear allusion to President Sánchez.

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