PNV wins Basque elections and will be able govern with PSOE’s support

PNV PradalesPNV's Inmanol Pradales will be the next president of the Basque Country.

The PNV has won the elections in the Basque Country with 365,634 votes (35.2%) and 27 seats (four fewer than it had); the same 27 seats (six more than it had) won by EH Bildu, the heir of the ETA terrorists (who laid down their arms in 2011) and which obtained 32.5% of the votes.

The Basque Parliament will therefore be the most sovereigntist in history, with 68% of the votes and 72% of the seats, although everything seems to indicate that the Basque Government will once again be based on a coalition between the PNV and the PSOE, which was the third force with almost 150,000 votes and 12 seats (up two) which, added to those of the PNV, gives them one more seat (39 seats) of the absolute majority.

The PP went up one seat, from six to seven, with almost 100,000 votes, while Vox kept the seat it had and Sumar entered the Parliament of Vitoria with one seat.

The electoral result -the strong rise of EH Bildu, and the increase of two seats for the PSOE- seems to derive from the disappearance in the Parliament of the Basque Country of Podemos, the force headed by Pablo Iglesias, which has lost the six seats it had on an election day with a high turnout (62.6%).