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John Holland

John Holland: “Stress tests for asset managers? Of course!”

MADRID | May 13, 2015 | By Ana FuentesProfessor at the Adam Smith Business School at Glasgow University, John Holland says financial institutions have become too complex for the general public and there is a crisis of confidence in banking and financial capitalism. He insists Basel III is not sufficient to regulate the banks and supports proposals to split up the different banking activities. This is the first part of our conversation.


UK: Balance sheets and the power of the mass

LONDON- THE WEEK THAT WAS | By Víctor Jiménez | Thrilling? Not exactly. Unless you file accounts for a rogue large company, the rabbit out of the top hat the Financial Reporting Council pulled this week should have left a too familiar, dull sight printed on the retina: the watchdog suggested a named-and-shamed punishment for both public and private companies whose reporting standards fall below legal requirements. Duh.