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Spain: Car Sales Fall 11% In The First Half Of The Year

Last July 73,378 passenger cars and SUVs were registered in Spain, down 12.5% on the previous year and making it the worst July since 2012. Year-to-date sales are down 11% with a total of 481,135 units registered in 2022. Toyota, with 43,684 deliveries, leads the market. The new car registrations market in Spain is still in free fall and shows no signs of improving. In July, 73,378 passenger cars and…

In 2017 global sales of electric cars surpassed the 1-million-unit mark

Seat Presents Its Alliance Of 62 Companies To Lead The Electric Car

Seat wants to turn Spain into a platform for the electric car in Europe. This plan includes the electrification of its Martorell and Pamplona factories, a battery production ecosystem – ranging from lithium mining, a key material, to a giant battery factory in Sagunt -, locations for electric components and a training, digitalisation and circular economy plan. This is explained in the “Future: Fast Forward” project, which brings together an…

car makers europe

More Cars Over 15 Years Old Are Already Being Bought In Spain Than New Vehicles

According to data from Ganvam, the National Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers, Repairs and Spare Parts, between January and March of this year, 167,120 vehicles over 15 years old were sold in Spain. This compares to the 164,399 new cars registered in the same period. As the president of Ganvam, Raúl Palacios, explained to the business newspaper 5 Días, “In the end, the second-hand market is still a reflection of…

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Spain (-30%) Leads European Car Sales Decline (-18.8%) Last Month

Car registrations in Europe (EU+EFTA+UK) fell by 18.8% YoY in March to 1.127 million units, according to ACEA data. Most countries in the region recorded double-digit sales declines, including the five key markets: Spain (-30.2%), Italy (-29.7%), France (-19.5%), Germany (-17.5%) and the UK (-14.3%). As a result, first quarter sales declined by 10.6% YoY in the region to 2.75 million units. All manufacturers suffered double-digit declines; Jaguar sales fell…

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China’s antitrust investigation threatening 25% of car industry’s global benefits

MADRID | The Corner | China’s antitrust investigation on over 1,000 manufacturers and foreign suppliers in China (market of € 450,000 million in revenues) threatens 25% of the sector’s global benefits. In particular, German manufacturers are the most exposed (BMW, Daimler, Audi and Porsche generate 50.000 million euros and account for over 80% of demand for luxury goods). According to Morgan Stanley figures, 80% of the market has been influenced by foreign companies. In the short term Morgan Stanley analysts believe the focus of the problem will centre on imports but generalized cuts in luxury markets are also expected.

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Spain produces more than 1m cars, aims +2m

MADRID | The Corner | The production of vehicles in Spain exceeded one million units in 2014, after the 7% growth recorded in May, according to the Spanish Association of Car and Lorry Manufacturers (ANFAC). Thus, during that month, the level of manufacturing reached 232,762 units and the total annualized was 1,065,879 vehicles. During the first five months of the year, the production of vehicles in Spain grew by 11%. ANFAC estimates that the recording of production will reach 2.4 million by the end of 2014.