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Murdoch: the actual scandal

By Antonio Arroyo, in Madrid | All around the world, rivers of ink on the Rupert Murdoch affair continue to flow, but what most articles keep on ignoring is what may prove to be the hot potato of Mr Murdoch’s problems as the public opinion is not aware of ​​the corporate network that allows the magnate to circumvent –legally, of course– the tax charge that would be due according to…

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Ms Lagarde is right (even though the ECB would rather turn a blind eye)

By Miguel Navascués, in Madrid | There has always been tension between the IMF and those countries under its analysis over the numbers in the fund’s economic forecasts. But this time the battle between the IMF’s Ms Lagarde and the European authorities has been set over valuations of sovereign bonds held by the banks. According to Lagarde, were the bonds in the European banks’ portfolios to be valued at their current market price……

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The $100-trillion withdrawal from global stock markets

By J.L.M. Campuzano, in Madrid | After four gloomy weeks, we finally get to see a welcome development: cash is now paramount. In a macroeconomics scenario like the current one, the answer to the question “what will companies spend their high cash flow on?” seems clear: share buybacks. But this is a conclusion that is still to become obvious. Meanwhile, we should be concerned with the end investor’s money. It…