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HY default rates raised to 3.1%.

Moody’s HY default rate increased to 3.1% in April. In line with the progressive deterioration of the credit quality of companies globally. Moody’s published yesterday its monthly report where it states that there were 11 defaults in April so that, after the monthly record of 16 defaults in March (since December 2020), the balance in the first four months of the year amounts to 45 defaults. North America leads with…

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Defaults In 2021 Amounted To 54, Well Below The 216 In 2020 And 105 In 2019, And The Lowest In 10 years

Santander Corporate & Investment | HY default rates remain low and are expected to remain so through 2022. The number of defaults in 2021 was the lowest in the last 10 years. There were 4 defaults in December, the same number as in November, mainly by Chinese construction companies; so the total number of defaults in 2021 was 54, well below the 216 in 2020 and 105 in 2019, and…