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The ECB’s Firewall Against The COVID-19 Crisis

Caixabank Research |Monetary policy has reacted quickly and decisively to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, having successfully played the role of “fire-fighter”, the ECB will have to remain highly active to support the revival of the economy. In just four months the ECB has increased the size of its balance sheet by more than 1.6 trillion euros (+35%), as much as it did in the entire four years of the global financial crisis and the euro area’s double recession of 2008-2012. It took four years (2008-2012) to do so then.

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Farewell to (Super) Mario Draghi

Caixabank Research | After a September full of announcements, the next ECB meeting (24 October) will be transitional, in one sense at least: 31 October will see the end of Mario Draghi´s mandate, the most charismatic president in the institution´s history.