European capital markets union

The first EU budget at 27

Brexit and the European capitals market

Miguel Navascués | When the signs of an incipient slowdown in the European economy begin to multiply – the matching indicators suggest that industrial production slowed in 2018 – the case for reaching an agreement on Brexit and refocusing attention on unifying the capital markets becomes increasingly more powerful and urgent.

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Capital markets union and Lord Hill’s answers to next hearing

MADRID | The Corner | Newly appointed Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, Jonathan Hill, received a “written exam” from the Parliament’s ECON Committee, whose members felt he had failed to sufficiently answer their questions at his first hearing. Lord Hill replied with his answers in writing on Sunday (see link below). Unfortunately, while Hill appears happy to offer his take on financial regulation, he was rather less forthcoming when it came to revealing his ties with The City of London.