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“I am Surprised That There Are So Few Open Banking Fintechs In Spain”

“Traditionally, financial services were provided by banks – in many countries three or four institutions have 80 or 85% of the market, and they do not always have a focus on financial inclusion – but that is no longer the case and there are new providers, such as ‘ANT FInancial’ in China or ‘Mercado Libre’ in Latin America, which started with payments and now offer a wide range of services. That is why open banking is important for the World Bank, because it favours competition and financial inclusion”, says Nuria Aliño, advisor to the World Bank.


Fintech Cooperation Beckons in China, EU

Yang Wang via Caixin | One of the biggest differences between the European and Chinese fintech markets is regulatory support. China is dominated by an all-embracing, open-minded regulatory environment.In the EU, the biggest challenge, besides the uncertain and changing regulations, is winning the consumers’ trust.