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Spanish Banks coronacrisis

Spanish Bank Financing Of Oil And Gas Projects, Incompatible With The Paris Agreement

CdM | Despite adhering to international initiatives, since 2016, the top 60 banks worldwide have dedicated a total amount of $3.8 trillion to fossil fuels.  The financing of fossil fuel projects and companies results in GHG emissions incompatible with the economic decarbonisation needed to limit global warming to around 1.5ºC. In the case of Spanish banks, Bankia, Bankinter, BBVA, CaixaBank, Banco Sabadell and Banco Santander have signed up to this…

fossil fuels

After Covid19, The Situation Will Not Be Easy For Fossil Fuel Suppliers

Alphavalue | One might wonder why equity investors bet on being long on oil last week when the Brent was reaching new lows. In fact on Tuesday, Brent prices hit 20-year lows in the $22/barrel range. It could be one of the surprising examples of how much risk can be taken when there is talk about, or hopes for, stimulus. At that point, even the strongest fundamentals tend to be ignored.

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The Geopolitics Of Cheap Oil

John Feffer | The market was supposed to save the planet. That, at least, was the argument of many economists grappling with the problem of climate change. As fossil fuels became scarcer, they pointed out, the price of oil and natural gas would go up. And then other options, like solar and wind, would become cheaper, particularly as investment flowed into that sector and drove down the cost of new technologies.