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Mexico: ten-year, €18bn investment opportunity for EU Utilities

LONDON| By UBS analysts | Mexico is the eleventh largest country in the world by population. Yet, when it comes to energy infrastructure and consumption per capita, it ranks poorly especially compared to developed, western regions. The energy policy recently introduced provides a major capex opportunity: about €100bn over the coming ten years. Estimates for EU utilities reach investments of €18bn, which would allow for a potential net income increase of €1.1bn. In this context, most of the companies eyeing the region are from Southern Europe, with Enel and Iberdrola remaining as the sector top picks.

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Spain’s housing market at cruise speed

MADRID | By The Corner Team | Spanish real state sector stands at its adjustment final stage is an oft-repeated mantra in the country’s analysts firms. After five years of hard recession,  some signs of slow recovery are increasingly growing. Last outstanding figure is year-on-year upturn of +59.2% in properties’ selling and buying in January, as reported by Spain’s General Council of Notaries.  National housing market would become an attractive investment opportunity again in 2014.