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Dual-use votes in Catalonia

Fernando González Urbaneja | The “alcaldada” of the Congress that must be approved this Monday to allow ERC and Junts to form their own parliamentary group, with the economic and parliamentary advantages it entails, will use on this occasion a cruder formula than the previous ones. On other occasions, the number of deputies of the pretender was completed in order to reach the number of deputies foreseen in the regulations…


A Debased Parliamentarism

Fernando González Urbaneja | What has been heard these days (and others) in Parliament (Congress and Senate) would make you cry, it goes beyond bad manners and rudeness; fortunately they have only been words, although degenerating could go further. It has already happened in other parliaments and it happened in ours a little less than a century ago. It is unimaginable today what he called the dialectic of the pistols,…