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Comparing pension systems in Spain, Germany: getting closer

MADRID | The reform of the pension system in Spain is planned to help to improve the outlook for sustainability of the system by reducing pension expenditure as a share of GDP. It should weigh in towards reducing the public deficit, too. At BBVA, analysts have drawn some basic comparisons between the Spanish and the German pension systems. “Given uncertainties about employment, productivity and demographics, it is appropriate for the…

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Most Europeans do want to work after retirement age

Is Eurofound’s a contrarian view? While youth unemployment rampantly increases throughout the European Monetary Union, Eurofound on Wednesday will be telling a different story: the labour market shortfall caused by the decline in Europe’s population and workforce will not be offset by growing immigration levels nor by higher fertility and productivity rates, delegates will be told at the Opening Conference of the 2012 European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity…