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Repsol Inaugurates Its First Photovoltaic Complex

Repsol inaugurated its first photovoltaic complex in Manzanares (Ciudad Real) yesterday, called Kappa. The facility has involved an investment of 100 million euros and has total installed capacity of 126.6 megawatts (MW) distributed over three plants: the already operationalPerseo Fotón I and Perseo Fotón II, totalling 90.5 MW; and Perseo Fotón III, currently under construction, which will add the remaining 36.1 MW. It consists of 285,331 solar modules and will…

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“Launching a photovoltaic power station requires three years”

Julia Pastor | Chairman and Owner with 90% of the capital of the Spanish energy firm Audax Renovables José Elías regrets that the whole industry has made a terrible mistake. “We were able to generate all that photovoltaic energy and we were able to develop an industry around that, but we screwed up, ruining a lot of citizens. We could not have acted worse,” he reckons.