pre-crisis levels


Conditioning Factors For Spain’s Banks In 2016

Last week the Spanish banking sector began its third quarter results presentations, but analysts are going one step further and are already looking for indications ahead of 2016. The outlook is not wholly favourable if we take into account the factors affecting it on the downside.


Sleeping euro zone slowly awakens

MADRID | By  Ofelia Marín-Lozano and The Corner team | Mario Draghi seemed satisfied on ECB’s Thursday meeting when calling the euro zone an “island of stability” on the grounds that the region has returned to growth levels of 2011. Old Europe’s awakening is a reality. Its GDP increased by an annualized 1.2% and its four main economies -Germany, France, Spain and Italy- also saw their individual growth figures go up. But the truth is the euro area is not back to 2008 pre-crisis levels nor is expected to get there until 2015. Europe has lost weight in the global scenario and apparently will continue to lose importance in the future, its GDP representing two thirds of U.S.’s by 2030.