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emerging markets are investor's Achilles heel those days

Emerging Markets: Ever more in doubt

Miguel Navascués | Emerging markets continue seething and carry with them ever less confidence. The latest sign is that the flight of capital has sought refuge in US bonds (and in Wall Street, a new record), among other destinations, and has reduced the yield curve to a minimum of many years of 0.23%.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Allianz: Three possible scenarios for Turkey

In the opinion of Neil Dwane, global strategist at Allianz Global Investors, Turkey, confronted by growing structural challenges, especially the latest Lira crisis, needs a stronger response based in stricter fiscal and monetary policy, and a less confrontational foreign policy.

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The Geopolitics of Turkey’s Currency Crisis

Shaun Riordan | The currency markets seem to have given the Turkish Lira a temporary respite. But the underlying problems remain the same: an unsustainable current account deficit; excessive dependence on foreign currency denominated (especially dollar denominated) debt; and high inflation.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Will Turkey elections mark an inflection point? – Market pricing in status quo

June 6, 2015 | UBS | Turkey holds general elections tomorrow. In our view there are two key uncertainties: 1) whether HDP, the Kurdish Party, will be able to cross the 10% hurdle required to qualify for parliament, thereby securing 55-60 seats mainly at the expense of the ruling AKP 2) whether the AKP is able to secure enough seats (276) to form a single-party government. Market seems to be pricing in the maintenance of status quo.