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Vehicle Production In Spain Falls By 18.1% YoY In June Due To Semiconductor Shortage

Intermoney | In June, vehicle production in Spain fell to 172,696 units produced, down 18.1% on last year’s levels and 33.8% when compared with data from two years ago, according to figures published Thursday by the manufacturers’ association, Anfac. In the accumulated first half of the year, the fall is 21.6% compared to pre-Covid levels of 2019, with 1.2Mn vehicles manufactured. According to Anfac, the fall is due to the…

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Spain produces more than 1m cars, aims +2m

MADRID | The Corner | The production of vehicles in Spain exceeded one million units in 2014, after the 7% growth recorded in May, according to the Spanish Association of Car and Lorry Manufacturers (ANFAC). Thus, during that month, the level of manufacturing reached 232,762 units and the total annualized was 1,065,879 vehicles. During the first five months of the year, the production of vehicles in Spain grew by 11%. ANFAC estimates that the recording of production will reach 2.4 million by the end of 2014.