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Will Spain’s risk premium let the government sleep at last?

MADRID| By Julia Pastor | Spain’s credit quality and solvency is increasingly improving. The country’s risk premium closed at 219 basis points on Tuesday to its lowest level since June of 2012, and under Italy’s. Also Spanish 10-years bonds neared 4% yield, more than double than the German ones. Public debt investors do not have much better options.


Rajoy’s bitterness at being treated like Zapatero

MADRID | The new team in power in Spain never thought they could one day being mercilessly mauled by markets as the previous government was. Spanish Conservatism was supposed to stand as a safe harbour in a euro zone vastly dominated by fellow political parties. Swift implementation of sweeping reforms, coupled with an extremely tight budget, was expected to act as a powerful lever to winch up ailing credibility. And yet, Madrid…