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Pablo Pardo
Pablo Pardo is Washington DC correspondent of El Mundo. Journalist especialized in International Economics and Politics.

IIF: “The era of European solidarity is over”

WASHINGTON | “Investors would be well advised to see the outcome of Cyprus both as a reflection of how future stresses will be handled, and a reminder that efforts to shift the liabilities associated with legacy bad bank assets.”

Waiting for the Sequester

WASHINGTON | The key aspect of the sequester will be noticed in some other form–34 percent of the States’ budget comes from the Federal Government. Now, those transfers are going to be cut because of the sequester.

United States: demagoguery cliff

WASHINGTON | Fear of spending cuts and fiscal cliff has made the U.S. defense officials cut spending even before they were forced to do so. A good example of commendable public spirit, even if a bit exaggerated.

Alan Meltzer has a solution for the euro

WASHINGTON | “Capitalism without failure is like religion without sin, it does not work,” had already said Allan Meltzer in 1969. Pittsburgh's Carnegie-Mellon University teacher and…