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EU changes deficit deadlines approach

Eurozone countries are under an obligation to reduce their deficits to below 3% of GDP by this year. Failing could mean to be fined up to 0.2% of GDP. But the Commission seems to have eased its austerity-led policies in order to boost growth. “It may be reasonable to extend the deadline by two years and to correct the excessive deficit by 2015 at the latest,” European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs and the euro Olli Rehn has said.

A case for higher living wage in Europe

MADRID | By Javier Flores of Asinver | Rising the actual minimum wages would benefit families at risk of social exclusion and poverty with no backlash results for the stability of those jobs.

Much to do against youth unemployment

MADRID | By El País | A total of €6bn for 6 million unemployed young Europeans. The plan presented by Germany and France is a response to an absolute emergency. But for it to work, it must be supported by a collective will.

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Spain’s record according to Wolfang Schaüble: homework done

MADRID | By Julia Pastor | Spain, according to Schaüble, is a good example of homework done. Germany’s Economy Minister praised labor costs reduction, export rate increase and all the effort the Spaniards have done in reorganizing their financial sector, even after the Troika’s review.