Spanish banks

2013 profitable for Spanish banks

By Javier Niederleytners, professor at the Institute for Stock Exchange Studies IEBMarket pressure right now has relaxed over the country’s public debt and it seems to be a good moment to sell part of their bond holdings to cancel ECB loans.

Holders of Bankia preferred stock and subordinated debt: let’s breathe!

Spanish Minister of Economy Luis de Guindos gave some hope on Tuesday to the 80,000 Bankia customers stuck on preferred shares and subordinated debt: an arbitration process will be in place in those cases where there had been bad practice. Two other nationalized banks (Novagalicia Banco and Catalunya Banc) are using the same procedure so their clients will be able to get back at least 60% of their money.

The future of the Spanish banks

MADRID | By Carlos Díaz Guell | The Spanish bank’s bailout, added to the reforms and decisions made during the last years, can effectively complete the country’s banking puzzle and halt the worsening of a seemingly never ending crisis.