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Cyprus lose-lose plight

So long stiff capital control measures are in place the economy will enter into a free-fall. But as soon as they are lifted, the run on accounts might likely lead to a banking collapse.

EU regions

European regional GDP leagues

Among the 41 regions exceeding the 125% level, eight were in Germany, five each in the Netherlands and Austria, four in Belgium, three each in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, two each in Finland and Sweden, one each in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, France and Slovakia, as well as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Would a “Cammie Mae” housing agency work in the UK?

NEW YORK | The institution that UK government is thinking of establishing, similar to US giant government controlled agencies Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, will improve the housing market and therefore the economy. But it comes with the risk of a bubble.

Beppe Grillo

The Beppe Grillo contagion effect | By  and  | The comedian’s Five star movement was the revelation of last Italian election. Its anti-establishment views and “digital democracy” methods are shared by many political movements across the EU, and they could form a common front at the European elections in 2014.

Cyprus bailout

Cypriot savers’ fault

LONDON | While the average German bank deposits have returned some $130 per $1,000 since 2008, the Cypriot figure almost doubles it. Yield information like this throws a very different light over what is happening this week in Cyprus.